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Would you choose happiness or sadness? Make your choice.

Would you choose happiness or sadness? Make your choice.

Where is your happiness?  Where can it be found? How far will you have to go to find it?

The answer might surprise you, because to find happiness, you don’t have to look any further than yourself. You contain everything that you need to be happy right now, and while I know it sounds crazy, happiness really isn’t a place, it is a decision.

You don’t need to travel to some far away land, and you don’t need to search the depths of the oceans or the heights of the mountains to find happiness. The key that you have been searching for has been hiding inside of you all along, but to find it, you will still have to conquer mountains of challenge, but these are the mountains of internal change, and they aren’t ascended with ease.


At any given time there are two simultaneous narratives for everything that happens.

No matter how good the things that happen to you are, there could always be something that turns out a little better, so if you focus on the negative, you can find a way to get upset even about the best things that happen to you.

No matter how bad the things that happen to you are, there could always be something that turns out a little worse, so if you focus on the positive, you can find a way to be happy even when the worst things happen to you.


You get to choose at each and every second how you interpret what happens in life, you can view is with the glass half full or the glass half empty.

Does that mean that you have to be happy for every single thing that happens to you? No, not at all, but it does means that you should look for the blessing or the opportunity hidden in every bad thing that happens to you.

If you have a great job that you love, and you are making a ton of money every year doing it, and you suddenly get laid off without notice, then I won’t lie to you and tell you that it’s a bad thing; but you still have two main options: you can just give up and accept how bad it is, or you can try to find someway to turn it around.

Story one goes something like this: you lose that dream job, and you can’t find anything else nearly as good. You spend months depressed searching for a job like the one you had to no avail, finally you run out of money and your house goes into foreclosure causing even more sadness and feelings of helplessness.

Story two could be anything, but it sounds more like this: you lose your dream job, and you use the opportunity to sell your house and relocate to find an even better job, or maybe you start your own business, maybe you just spend 2 months traveling the world and finding yourself during your time of despair.

It isn’t necessary to always be pleased with what life sends your way, but almost all of us have so many things that we can choose to be happy for rather than focusing on the negative.

I can be sad that my car is old, I can be sad that I didn’t have a good relationship with my father, I can be sad that I don’t make as much money as I would like to make; or, I can be happy that I have a car at all (many people don’t), I can be happy that I had a father at all (many people never meet their fathers), I can be happy that I make any money at all and that I have a home to sleep in at night (many people are jobless and homeless).


We all have blessings and we all have curses, and whichever you decide to focus your energy upon will be the way that the rest of your story likely turns out. You can choose happiness or sadness, it is entirely your choice.

Life is going to give you what it is going to give you regardless, I don’t care how many people tell you that if you just think about something good that it is going to happen. I don’t believe in the law of attraction, or in some otherworldly metaphysical principle that guides everything you dream about and think about into your life, but what I DO believe in is hard work, in our ability to influence the odds and bring favorable events and things into our life.

The people who spend all day lamenting over what is wrong their lives are the very same people who are likely not to do anything to change it, while the people who appreciate what they have and work hard to make things better are the people more likely to get what they want and find happiness.

Every coin has two sides, and it will look totally different depending on which side is facing up. One side can be despair, sadness, pain, and suffering; the other side, happiness, joy, pleasure, and comfort. The crazy part is, that both sides are the same coin; both sides equal the same amount.

Which story do you prefer? The story of endless blessing and opportunities, or the story of endless failure and tribulation. Everyone has things they must go through in life, but it is how they react to those things that makes them into who they become. You can always choose happiness or sadness: choose happiness instead, and live your life like a fairy tale.

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