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Would you choose door 1 or door 2?

Would you choose door 1 or door 2?

So imagine you find this flier posted up on a telephone pole and it tells you about this opportunity to make a million dollars. Its got some contact information listed on it, so you contact the person running the advertisement and you set up a date to meet with them.

Of course, when you first walk in you are already skeptical, because, come on, when an opportunity is too good to be true it usually is right?

Yet, here you are in this person’s office.

You can tell right away that they are for real; the wall is covered with awards, you see this person’s picture on the wall with your favorite celebrities, you smell fine coffee brewing on a table behind them, and you can hear all the assistants out in the hall working on their next project.

Imagine sitting there and looking at everything this person has built: this company, an excited energy, a wall full of rewards and for just a second…you believe that maybe you can do it too.

So this person is sitting in front of you at a beautiful desk, and they say to you, “Look, everything I have done here you can do too. Every accomplishment, every dollar I have made, every picture on the wall could be you instead of me, but you have to do something…one thing first.”

At this point they could tell you to sell your soul to the devil and you might even say yes…so you think about it a moment and answer, “Just show me what to do.”


So you both get up, and they lead you down a hallway: this long white hallway, and at the end they open up this door; they lead you through this bustling office full of workers who cheer as their leader walks you through the work-spaces. 

You see all these people running around doing their work, and you can feel the excitement because you are imagining this all being yours someday.  

When you get into the room there are all these people around and they are watching you.

You see your family and friends all gathered there but no one says a word. The person tells you that you are not to say anything  to anyone in the room and to only speak when you are spoken to directly. They then walk back to the back of the room and they point each hand in an opposite direction at two separate doors.

The person says to you “Here is the test that will determine whether you get all the things you said that you wanted. You have to choose one door… and once you choose you must forever keep your choice. “


They proceed to tell you the rules of the game… “Behind the first door on your left lies seemingly endless trials and pain; there will be failures and criticisms, the people in this room will be there watching you, and they will see everything that you do. They will see your weaknesses, your fears, your doubts and imperfections. Many of them will ridicule you on your path, they will laugh when you stumble, they will take pride in your defeats.  You will cry, you will suffer, and you may at times feel like breaking down. You will be tested beyond anything you have ever imagined. There is no promise how long this test will last, but I do promise that you will not die unless you give up, but if you chose at any point during the test to give up you WILL die. Eventually though, if you continue on long enough you will reach another door… When you walk through that second more distant door, you will attain everything that you have ever dreamed of.”

“If you choose door number 2 on your right you will walk into my office through the door you first entered through.. You will have no memory of what I have offered you and I will tell you that the offer has been closed and you will go back to your life as usual.”


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What would your choice be? Could you survive the test?  

If you were guaranteed to achieve your dreams by entering door #1 would you make the sacrifice?

If you knew: success, giving up and accepting death, or going back to life as usual were the only choices what would you choose?

That mysterious person that you saw… that was the person you could be.

They have done all the things you want to do, seen everything you wanted to see, they are everything you wish you were.


If you choose that first door, if you commit to that pain, trial, and resolve to never give up…then you’ll eventually become that person, and the only way to not become that person is to choose door 1 and give up, or to choose door 2 and  go back to your life as it is.

Door 2 is the easy way out; door 2 is another day of the same thing you have been doing; door 2 is guaranteed mediocrity, it’s the safe route, the life of ignorance over the life of knowledge…  

Or you can choose that first door, and you can tell yourself the only way to fail is to give up and die.  


So here you go, there are two doors in front of you.  Which door are you going to choose?

Success, your dreams, and everything you have always wanted, or do you want to go back to your life as it is.

If you hunger for something more…if you know that there is more out there for you in life and that you have not even tapped your potential superficially…then make that choice.

Make the scary choice, accept the challenges, and commit to living a new life. Don’t go back to things as usual.

So now you are faced with this choice: ignorance and a life of mediocrity…or a life filled with only things that you can barely imagine. Make your choice.

Make the right choice

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