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Why you must be ready for success, before you will ever obtain it.

Why you must be ready for success, before you will ever obtain it.

If you didn’t see it already, then it’s already gone.


Opportunities come and go like the seasons, at each second we must learn to stay ready to take whatever chances come our way.  Success is many times just standing up one more time than life knocks us down, but another vital component to success is being ready for the moment when it presents itself.


Let’s say that your lifelong goal is to own a major share of an NFL sports team, if you truly want to accomplish your goal, then there are a lot of things you need to make happen BEFORE your dream can become a reality.


You’ll need the right connections (know the right people to make a deal happen when one comes up), you’ll need enough money (you’ll need the money it takes to buy in to a major sports team, and you need to do whatever it takes each day to make sure that you have both of these assets as soon as humanly possible.


There might me a team for sale right now, but without enough money and without the right connections you won’t be able to make it happen… equals missed opportunity.  You might save up several million dollars in 10 years and if a team goes on sale again, but without the right connections you can’t make it happen… equals missed opportunity.  You might make all the friends in the world, but if you don’t have the money you need to purchase enough leverage in the team… equals missed opportunity.


This is why a lot of people say that luck determines success, but they are dead wrong.  


Just getting a chance isn’t enough, you have to have the right assets and leverage to take the opportunity when it comes up, and by doing the daily things you need to do to create the right situation to take a chance at success, you are improving your position each day.


Opportunity is going to knock in life, and there may have been many chances that have already passed you by, but you can only get what you want if you are ready for it when it comes.


What happens to people when they win large amounts of money in the lottery?  Most of them end up broke and in an even worse situation than they were in before they won all the money.  It happens because these people don’t have the right tools to be able to handle the opportunity.  They don’t have the right skills built into their lives to handle such a sudden increase in money.


We must commit to building the right habits into our life today, so that we are ready when our opportunity comes in the future.  We get ready now by making daily improvements, by increasing our worth and value, by hitting smaller goals, building momentum, and creating a track record of success.


You eat an elephant one bite at a time, and to be honest, success is the same way.


Sure Taylor Swift might have gotten “lucky”, she was heard by the right record executive who recognized her skill and saw her potential as a singer, but what he didn’t see, and what we don’t see is all of the WORK she did to MAKE that opportunity happen.  If she had not worked so hard, if she had not been rejected again and again, if she had not honed her skills to the point of near perfection, would the record executive even have noticed her, would the public had responded the way that they did, would she be anywhere near the success she reached today?


The answer is easy.


It wasn’t Taylor Swift’s opportunity that made her successful, it was the hard work, the toil and sweat and tears she put into her craft over many years: all of these things made her READY for success.


She had already done everything she needed to do to be successful, and she was only waiting for the right chance to take it.


There is a big difference between sitting and waiting for success to come to you, and going after it with everything you’ve got.


So if you want to be sleep more soundly with the belief that luck only happens to the privileged and the lucky ones, thats fine by me, you can enjoy waiting passively for the rest of your life for some lucky break that is never going to come to you.


Or you can join me, because I’ll be one of the crazy ones, out there trying to change the world, out trying to accomplish my biggest dreams.


If you want to be ready for your big break, get out there and make yourself ready to take the opportunities that come your way.

Right now someone is living your dream life, if they can do it, so you can you.  They were once just like you until opportunity came knocking, they were just ready to answer the door.  Will you be ready when it comes to you?


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