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Some people actually can not lose weight, are you one of them?

Some people actually can not lose weight, are you one of them?

Today I am going to surprise many of you with an admission…I believe that some people actually can’t lose weight.

We have all heard one of our friends or family members tell us that they just can’t lose weight, but the real reason is usually far from what most of us expect and it is almost certainly not the reason they are claiming it is.

While it may be true that they can’t do it, the reason almost always lies in their own minds, not buried somewhere deep within their genetic code.

When someone tells us they can’t lose weight, they are telling the truth.

They will NEVER lose weight through natural and sustainable means as long as their mind is filled with this idea that they can’t lose weight.

America’s obesity epidemic is out of control.

About 36% (1 in 3) Americans are considered obese, while around 68% (2 out of 3) are considered to be overweight.

With numbers like these, either one of two things is happening: there is a huge international conspiracy underway where the nations of the world are injecting our food with chemicals that make it impossible for us to lose weight, or people are just not eating healthy diets and they aren’t being active like they used to years ago.

While obesity rates soar higher throughout the country, there is an underground current of health and fitness professionals that are leading the way for some of us to get fit and lose weight.

Shows like The Doctors make it possible for people to be exposed to new health trends, be encouraged to get fit, and learn new tips and tricks to get healthier. There is a small group of health and fitness enthusiasts that have used the progression of science to become: happier, healthier, and thinner than any group of people ever before them.

Are these special people blessed with superior DNA that allows them to get fit, or are they all on special drugs and diets that only the wealthy can afford?

The answer lies within the minds and attitudes of these people, who see health as something that can be shaped and improved over time regardless of what obstacles may be in their way.

There is a serious deficiency of work ethic in the today’s United States; the same economy that was built from sweat and hard work, is now funded by millions of people trying to buy their next instant fix.

In a country where results are measured instantly, is it any wonder why if people don’t lose 10 lbs in a week feel they can’t lose weight?

I am fortunate to be quite happy with my body and the way it looks, but that hasn’t just come naturally to me.

It would be quite easy for someone overweight to take a look at me and write off my results as good genetics, but they haven’t seen the sweat I put in every day in the gym.

I have done many different workouts and been involved in fitness and diet in some way since 16 years old. I have run 15 miles a day, I have done sprints, I have done martial arts, boxing, weight lifting, gymnastics and power-lifting.

I also watch what I eat very strictly… and guess what? I STILL have a little bit of extra fat around my midsection, and I still wish I was a little bit leaner at times. Even I wish I was walking around with abs of glory like a fitness model 24 hours a day regardless of what I eat each day.

People often compare themselves to the best at something.

So many times the top 10% of the most overweight people are spending time staring at pictures of the top 10% of fit people.

Think about it this way, If you are at rock bottom staring up at the top of the mountain, of course it will be hard to imagine getting to the top. Most of us have been taught to seek instant results and gratification, and health and fitness is just not something that happens instantly.

Fad diets, liposuction, and personal trainers, all prey on people’s desires to change now, but this change doesn’t happen quickly. Even competitive bodybuilders don’t walk around at 3% body fat all year round, they gain fat and muscle in bulk phases, and over the course of several months, slowly taper down their fat loss until their bodies finally look the way they do when they step on stage.

The combination of seeking instant results and lacking willpower, combined with the fact that many people have unrealistic expectations about their results and how hard it should be to obtain them, has led us head first into an obesity epidemic.  Pair that with companies trying to save money, governments subsidizing unhealthy foods, and advertisements preying on the latent desires of people to satisfy sweet cravings, an you have our current situation.

I don’t know at what point people will start accepting that if they exercise, eat less, and eat better each day, they will get more fit.

If you have been eating clean like a bodybuilder, doing cardio 2xs a day, and lifting weights, and you still haven’t lost a pound in 6 months, then you can say you can’t lose weight, but the harsh truth and reality is that most people just haven’t been willing to stick it out long enough until they see results.

There is no question if you make positive changes to your eating and exercise habits that you will see results, but the results you receive will be related directly to the work you put in.

Want to look like a bodybuilder or fitness model? It is going to take painfully strict diets and exercise regiments.

Want to lose 100 lbs in a year? You are going to have to work your ass off.

Want to be overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy? Then just keep doing what you are doing and believing that it’s all out of your control.

The same people who eat a bag of chips and drink a 6 pack of beer during the game, are often the same people who say they can’t lose weight.

It may be harder for some people than others, and it may be very very difficult to reach your fitness goals (especially if you have a long way to go, or you want extreme results), it may take way more work than what you are used to putting into things, but if you want your body and health to be great, you HAVE to put in the work.

So many are people are right, they can’t lose weight, because if you don’t do the work, then you CAN’T lose weight.

And that’s why some people just can’t lose weight.


What do you think about today’s post?  Does this sound like someone you know, or does it maybe sound a little bit like you?  You can lose weight through hard work and sacrifice, and if you believe in the message here, please share this post or leave a comment below!


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