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How following the crowd can ruin your life. (Start blazing your own life path)

How following the crowd can ruin your life. (Start blazing your own life path)

Lets face the truth, while I still have a lot of faith in humanity, we have reached a point where very few people on earth live consciously and pursue a higher purpose.  It doesn’t really matter what your purpose is in life: it could be to be an awesome parent, make a million dollars, or fall off the grid and surf everyday for the rest of your life.  The important thing in life… is that you get one life and its already ticking away.  To live each day with passion is the greatest gift you can give to humanity, a person who lives each day with the vibrancy of life and manifests their highest potential day in and day out, will have a much greater impact on the world than a person who wanders mindlessly on the earth.


Somewhere near 97% of people in this world are asleep; they live lives dictated by other people and the collective consciousness; they buy the same things, eat the same food, and think the same thoughts as the majority of humanity.  I’m not saying that we should non-conform for the sake of it, but in order to truly live the greatest life we are capable: we should learn to follow our own unique inner voice.  Everyday people are born and die, rise and fall, and wake up and go to sleep.  Your life will never reach its full potential if you are stuck in line with the rest of society.


Advertisers spend billions every year to figure out what makes us tick, they examine our buying habits and dissect why we do what we do.  The reason advertisers can invest so much and still make profit, is because as a society we live deeply entrenched in habits and groupthink.  Those of us who are still asleep: wake up every morning, go to the same job, eat the same food and never question why we squander away our little precious time on earth.  Television, news, movies, and internet all bombard us with ideas about what’s cool and how we should look and behave. Advertisers know what makes us tick, and they make billions off of our habits every single day.  That model in the passenger seat of your dream car, she appeals to your desire for sex and affection; that guy wearing the nice clothes and driving the nice car appeals to your desire to feel exclusive and important; all those smiling people in the anti-depressant advertisement, they tell you that you too can be one of the happy people.


Since most of us are walking around half mummified already, its hard to recognize when we are trapped in our lives.  Getting stuck in routines of comfort with the same thoughts and actions gives us a sense of security that lulls us, gently, into early graves.  Obesity is at an all time high, divorce and domestic abuse is at an all time high, poverty and dependence on the government is at an all time high; we believe that if we “fit in” and go along with the norm, that we will be comfortable and taken care of; we believe that life will take care of us and give us what we deserve. When you allow society to dictate your thoughts, words, and actions you give up your freedom to live life.  When you choose to live life on autopilot and give up responsibility for your own life and happiness, you give up the freedom to live your life.


The best way to live, is to live as the best you possible.  Sure, there might be haters, people might criticise and demean you, but it makes sense to criticize someone when they are doing things differently than everyone else.  As long as your choices are made with integrity and based upon the values and priorities that govern your life, as long as you do your best not to hurt others along the way, what right does anyone have to tell you how to live your life?  Its your life, your choice, your decision.  Throughout history there have been countless times where large groups of people -everyone- was wrong.  People said we would never run a sub 4 minute mile, never fly, the world was flat, and the universe revolved around the earth.  No one in rome thought Rome would collapse, but it did.  Just because “society” believes something doesn’t make it true.


You are responsible for your life and happiness, everything you are today is a result of choices you have made in your past.  Everyone has bad things happen to them -some are far worse than others- but you have a choice at every second to live life fully or close your eyes and go back to sleep.  Dictate your own life course, think your own thoughts, blaze your own path…or…have your course planned by others, have your thoughts implanted for you by media and society, walk the same path as everyone else.  Be born, go to school, get a job, work 5 days a week for 2 days of mind numbing enjoyment, buy a house, have kids, spend the majority of your life doing the same thing, retire, and die…or throw it all away and blaze your own path, follow your heart, create your dreams: leave your magnum opus.

Don’t close your eyes to sleep, but rather to dream; don’t close your mind in order to conform, but expand it to raise your consciousness; don’t relinquish the responsibility for your life, but take hold of it and manifest your greatest destiny.  If you allow your life to be run by the thoughts of others, you will lose your ability to live, you asphyxiate your power to dream.  Of all of our powers, the power to dream is the greatest of all.  Don’t allow others to smother your dreams, make your dreams come to life.  Don’t spend you life dreaming, rather, spend your life living your dreams.


  1. So very true…keep to that inner voice and make your dreams come to life!

    • monsterid

      Thanks Leila! I will absolutely, and I hope you will too!


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