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When times get tough, dig in.

When times get tough, dig in.

“We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man.”

― Ernest Shackleton


Times are very rarely easy, and often times, we will find ourselves standing in piles of ruin trying to figure out what went wrong:  these are the times that make or break us, these are the times that try our souls, these are the times that come to define us as we walk on further through our lives.  For many of us it is easier to give up and turn back to where we came from: we head back to our false comforts of television, fast food, and unchecked spending.  For the chosen few who refuse to go back to where you started, for those brave souls who still burn with passion and will not- cannot- choose the easy path, carry on.  For those of you wondering what comes next… if you think you have the willpower to continue, read on.


The successful in this life have often learned many valuable lessons in their lives, the least of which not being, when times get tough, it’s time to dig in.  Imagine standing on the edge of a tall cliff with a sheer drop off at the end.  You stand with your back to edge, and before you is a bolder slowly starting to give way and roll towards you.  You now have two choices, first you can allow the boulder to run you down or jump off the cliff behind you, or second, you can choose to stand and fight the boulder that is rolling toward you.  The first choice leads to certain death, the second choice gives you a chance at life.  Though the boulder is heavy and your strength may waiver as you face the task, failure is not an option: this decision is life or death, your best choice is to dig your feet solidly into the ground, brace your body for impact, and push forward with all your might.  Life is the boulder, let it crush you, or let it be the test that defines you.


If you live your life with the mindset that failure is not an option, that your only chance at survival is to move forward, you stand a much greater chance at success than the man or woman who gives up and falls backward off the cliff.  The human spirit is much stronger than we often give ourselves credit for; people endure extreme hardships and adversity on a daily basis;  often those who are faced with peril on a daily basis possess the strength to conquer hardship.  When we create an environment of belief where failure is not an option, we have no choice but to fight back against life and whatever it throws at us.


Life is a matter of how much you are willing to take.  How many times can you get back up after falling down, how long will you push back when a boulder is coming at you?  These questions will determine how successful you will be in your life.  Whether your goals are to lose weight and eat better, be a better spouse, become better at a sport, be a better person, or beat a bad habit or addiction in your life, diggin in to fight adversity is a requirement.  Some successes come easier than others, and some failures hit harder than others.  Don’t ever accept the possibility of defeat and understand that failure is a part of the process.  If you believe that eventually you will get to your goals no matter the cost, then you are sure to succeed.


When life throws all of its obstacles in our way, when the pressure of life is pressing down on us with all of its might, we have to make a choice: will life crush you and bog you down, or will you fight back, will you burn the obstacles in your way until the only thing before you is your fullest potential?  The choice is yours.  You don’t have to be brave, you don’t have to be tough or strong, you just have to know that its not going to be easy but if you put yourself in a position where you cannot fail, you will almost inevitably succeed.


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