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When things just fall into place

When things just fall into place

99% of the time when you are working towards a goal it’s a grind. Day in and day out you wake up to the same struggle; you are forced to make the same sacrifices over and over again, you look at yourself in the mirror each day and face the somber reality that failure IS an option and if you don’t work hard enough it may be what happens.

Working towards your dreams can be soul-wrenching, difficult, and at times it may look like everything in the universe is poised against you.

The high probability of low probability events states that there are an infinite number of low probability events that could happen at each moment. It may not be likely that you will go out today and turn the key in your car ignition for your car not to start…but with all the car accidents, health problems, deaths, business calamities, inter-personal catastrophes, fights, and other troubles in the world… there is a VERY good chance that something bad is going to happen to you everyday.

Not everything that happens will be bad though… although we may have small trials that we face every single day there are also small victories, and then every once and while something GREAT will happen.


Sometimes great things that you didn’t plan for happen 

Maybe you get a great job offer, you make a huge sale, you inherit some money, you make a great investment, or you meet the love of your life…and suddenly everything just falls into place for a while.

When good things happen to us it tunes our minds like a radio frequency to the wavelength of success and suddenly all we see is success and opportunity.

Small victories have a tendency of snowballing into bigger and bigger successes over time, and failures tend to do the same in a negative sense.

So how do we make more momentum, how do we create smaller successes to start the process, and how do we prepare ourselves to make the most of the special times when things just work out?


Thought experiment: winning the lottery (A look at discipline and skill)

We have all heard countless stories about middle class or low income people who win huge lottery jackpots just to end up broke and declaring bankruptcy just a few years later…what causes this?

Imagine that you are used to working pay-check to paycheck, you have never invested money, never owned a business, never had more than 50$ in your savings account, and then suddenly you find yourself with a million dollars in your hands.

You decide to take the lump sum upfront (because you don’t want to wait for the annuity payments over 20 years) so you end up only getting 800,000. Then you pay off your house, buy a new car, loan a bunch of money to your friends, buy a new wardrobe, start eating expensive meals, and spend about 1,000$ a day.

At the end of the year you have just 100,000 dollars left from your money, but your house, car, and everything else is paid off. Then you get your tax bill from the IRS- 40% tax on 800,000 = a 320,000 dollar bill. Now you have no way to pay your debt, so you mortgage your home, miss your payments and end up losing it…the IRS comes down on you hard and you end declaring bankruptcy less than 2 years after winning 1 million in the lottery.

This scenario practically makes me sick to my stomach, but it’s a real life scenario for a lot of people who win large sums of money in the lottery…but why does it happen? 

These people don’t have the discipline, life structure, and habits of a wealthy person. They spend their money needlessly, they neglect investing and finding ways to sustain income, they have no experience managing money and they end up with less money than when they started.

Your life is a combination of what you inherited (came into the world with), what daily actions and habits you engage in, and what you believe. 

A person who was born poor, lives like a poor person, and believe that they will always be poor will always be poor. A person born poor, who saves and invests every extra dollar they make, and believes that they can make it out of poverty will more than likely make it out of poverty.


When you start thinking differently, acting and behaving differently, and when you start working to make things better, you will be ready to seize the day when things do eventually fall into place.

If you don’t have a track-record of successful habits then you won’t be able to fully capitalize on opportunities and maintain your success momentum…but when you spend each day focused on self discipline, self improvement, and hard work then you’ll be ready when good things do happen.

There is nothing like working hard for something…maybe for decades even, and then that good thing happens, the light-bulb goes off, you get your “lucky break” and you grab onto it and snowball it into something bigger than even you could have ever imagined.

When good things happen be ready for them to fall into place. Start creating the habits of success today so you’ll be ready when you get your chance. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because your big break might come today.

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