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When are you planning to actually start?

When are you planning to actually start?

So I know there are some things that you want to change, get better at, improve, start doing, or stop doing. Do you know how I know that?

Because we all have these things.

No matter how successful you are and no matter where you are in life we all have this inner knowledge that things could be better. Every single human being on this planet has a mental list of “shoulds”: things that we know we “should do”, “would do”,  “could have done if”.

We tend to ignore this running list of things until the next time we realize that we should do something, then after a few days they drift back to somewhere hidden in our mind.

While it is great to just accept things the way that they are, to be happy and appreciate what you have, why in this life of endless possibility would you ever choose to have less or be less than you are capable of?

Why would you accept being 10 lbs overweight when you could have the body of your dreams? Why would you take a job you don’t like just because the pay is good? Why would you settle for a mediocre relationship and love life when you and your partner could create a real life love story?

I know that I will never achieve perfection, but why would I settle for less than I am capable of? Why would I allow this list of “shoulds” someday become a list of “I wish I would haves”?



Good enough might be the worst phrase in the English language

Being appreciative is a great trait to develop. For example: I am very appreciative for the experiences I have gotten to have in life, I appreciate that I was born in America and have gotten chance to create a business that I love, and I am appreciative that I have food to eat and home to live in, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop me from working for more.

The truth is that you have to work in life…you can either work to make everything stay the same or you can work to make things better: those are your choices.

When we work to keep things the same, because things are “good enough the way that they are” we shortchange ourselves and others, we robs the world of experiencing and benefiting from our passion, and we stifle the creative forces that live deep within us.

When we accept what is good enough we fail to reach greater heights, we fail to become better, and we fail to create the things in life that we truly deserve.

Don’t your friends and family deserve to experience the best version of you? Don’t you deserve to look into the mirror each day and be proud of what you see? Don’t you deserve to live a life that you love and engage yourself in work that is meaningful and fun for you to do?

Why would you EVER want to settle for good enough when you could do and be better?


You only get one life… Live it your way because you won’t get another chance.

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I know there is something more you want

To be a better lover or parent, to be more caring and kind, to be more healthy and fit, to do work you enjoy and love, to be more confident and successful: these are all noble and natural desires that healthy human beings should possess.

The question isn’t if you want more, it is when will you start taking the right steps to ensure that you actually get more?

Have you been planning to make a change? Have you ever desired more?

When are you planning to start? Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, eventually?

New Years day is right around the corner…will you start and maintain your resolutions or will you give up again like last year?

I can promise you one thing: waiting to start will never help you start.

The only way to get what you really want is to live a little bit. You have to be willing to risk failing, risk suffering, make sacrifices, and risk being hurt if you ever want to get what you really want in life.

There is no reward without some risk. There is no love without some pain. There is no success without some failure.

Life is not meant to be lived in the comfort of mediocrity, it’s not meant to be lived through the lives of the people on the television, and it’s not meant to be lived inside cubicle walls doing work you don’t enjoy just for a paycheck.

Comfort and inaction will breed more inaction, dullness, and monotony.

I know there is a change you have been meaning to make in life, I know that there is something more for you out there in the world (and you know it too).

When are you planning to actually start making those changes? I hope you will start now because each minute that passes by takes you further away from the actions that will finally make your life better.


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