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What you want means nothing without the action that follows

What you want means nothing without the action that follows

What does it mean when you desire change but never get around to making it happen? What really changes when you tell yourself you want things to be different but you fail to act? On what day does your new journey begin when you keep telling yourself you will get started tomorrow?

If there is one secret to doing anything in this world, then it is this: change comes only through action. Change, growth, success: these things are ultimately not created through luck, dreaming, or wishing- they are created through focused action.

So I know you are probably thinking to yourself, “Thanks for the newsflash captain obvious.”, but I want you to ask yourself a question and then try to answer it honestly.

First, ask yourself this, “What does my perfect life look like, what am I doing, what do I look like, and what kind of person would I be if I could have, do, or be anyone that I wanted to be?”

Next, ask yourself, “Is the life that I am living right now taking me closer to this person/place/life?”

I am willing to bet that for about 95% of the people reading this article the overwhelming response to this second question (if you are deeply honest with yourself) is no.

The worst part?

These things about our current life that we dislike or we know need to change…we are totally aware that they need to change but we still don’t act to change them.

We know that there are factors that are within our control that we can influence to make life better for ourselves and yet we still fail to act.

So while the statement that only action can change your life may be simple, obvious, and at times maybe even frustrating…it is still the truth. Just because we know deep down that only action can change things, that still doesn’t mean that this fact compels us to act, to make changes, or to take real and measurable steps.



Imagine that there is a very heavy piece of wood that you need to move several blocks to fix a hole in the wall at your house.

Every single day that you don’t move the wood and fix your home is like placing a 1lb weight on top of the board. Every day you wake up knowing that another weight is going onto the board today, but the weight is small enough that you decide to still put it off another day.

Day by day, pound by pound more and more weight gets placed onto it until there is no way for you to move it on your own. The rain and sun start causing the board to mold and eventually it snaps under the weight of everything on top of it.


Every day that you don’t act is another excuse, another day of compromised standards, one more reason why it will be harder to act tomorrow.

Doing something has inertia, it does have a real sense of resistance to movement.

Tell yourself that you will do something tomorrow and you will keep putting it off until there are so many excuses piled on top of it that it will never happen. Life is like that, we know there is something we need to do but we keep putting it off, waiting for tomorrow, rationalizing why we should wait one more hour, one more day, one more year.

Every single day that you don’t act will contribute to the resistance you will feel when you try to act.


In any given day there will these little moments of inspiration that hit us…they tell us what we already know- that we need to make a change, do something, take action.

If you are overweight maybe these moments come when you hear about a friend who lost 50lbs, maybe it comes when you see a fitness magazine, or maybe it comes on Friday night when you want to be out meeting new people or going on dates, but your low self image prevents you from developing the confidence to go out.

If you are neglecting your relationship or family maybe these moments come when you see a happy family at the park, maybe they come from the moments of guilt you experience when you upset your partner or your family, maybe they come from the guilt you experience when you miss a milestone in loved one’s life because you were too busy working or doing something else.

If you are in a career that you don’t like maybe these moments come from seeing some adventurous person on Television, maybe it comes from hearing a story about some guy that quit his job and started a multi-million dollar business, maybe it comes from sitting in a cubicle and being miserable because you know that there is something else that you would rather be doing.

ALL of these moments are little chances to make a change…your mind and your soul are aching because deep down you know that the life you are living is not in alignment with the life that you SHOULD be living.

Every single time you ignore these moments of misery, depression, and discontent, you tell yourself that you can’t change. Every time you tell yourself you will do it tomorrow, you give yourself permission to wait another day, and another, and another.

It shouldn’t take some huge life changing event: having a heart attack due to poor health, getting a divorce letter from your spouse, having some extreme low point in your life or career…it should not take some huge event to spur us into action, and even when it does, we often lack or forget this one single and important truth…

ACTION is the ONLY thing that can change your life, who you are, what you look like, or what you are doing.


If you act for a little while and give up, then you never acted at all. You didn’t commit, you didn’t go all in, you didn’t keep moving until change happened. Change starts with action, but it also requires action to create it and maintain it.

Stop telling yourself you will do it tomorrow or that you should do it, because the truth is that you won’t…and deep down I think you know this is the truth. It isn’t that you can’t do it, it’s just that you won’t do it. Tomorrow will become next week, next month, next year, NEVER.

You want to change? …then change.

Change starts the second that you take action, that’s when it happens. Then you have to continue taking action until you get where you want to be…and then you have to maintain that action so you can stay that way for the rest of your life.

Just stop it, stop lying to yourself and others…if you want to change then change. Take that first step right now and get started on the journey into your new life. And if you don’t do it now, then the chances are you won’t ever do it, you will just stay the way you are forever.

Take action because what you want means nothing, all that matters is what you do.

Take the first step today!

Get started


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