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What you need to know before you follow your dreams.

What you need to know before you follow your dreams.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Thomas Edison


Before you set out to follow a dream there are several things you should know and keep in mind.  Most people dream in their sleep, and sleep in their waking hours; most people believe that dreams are the magical ideas that come to you in bed at night; most people run from hard work, failure, and adversity; if you are one of these people, unfortunately you are never going to make your dream a reality.  Before you set out to make a dream come true you need to know: failures are the building blocks of success, no great success comes without sacrifice and hard work, dreams can only be accomplished AFTER the effort is put forth -dreams don’t come with pre-approved financing-, and achieving your ultimate goals in life will be the hardest experiences you could ever imagine.


Failures are the building blocks of success.

Many of us view failure as final, absolute, unwavering; we tend to see failure as a judgment of our success, but this view is highly detrimental to success.  In order to succeed we must examine our views on failure and what constitutes success.  When a scientist tests a theory, they run a series of experiments to confirm or deny their theory; these tests provide feedback, and that feedback is used to obtain valuable information to improve the theory; eventually with enough solid evidence a theory becomes a law, and it redefines science as we know it. The theory is our life, the experiments are our failures, the feedback is the lesson we learn, and the law is our dream turning into reality and changing our lives.  If you cannot see failure as: necessary, vital, payment for success, and part of the process, then you must tackle this problem before you can achieve your dreams.  Winners not only tolerate failure, they learn to embrace it, they learn to let it motivate them, they learn to turn their greatest fears into fuel for the fire in their heart.


No great success comes without sacrifice and hard work AND they must be paid BEFORE we receive success.

Success is the achievement or the pursuit of goals and dreams.  Money, fame, and possessions can all come with success, but they are not the measure of success.  People  may come into large sums of money or inherit wealth, but that does not constitute success.  Success is measured by the extent to which you can achieve your goals, manifest your destiny, and become the highest version of yourself.  In order to achieve your goals, dreams, and highest capacity, you must put in work and sacrifice; you must endure pain and hardship, you must persist through the adversity.  All throughout our lives we have been taught you must give to receive, yet many of us just go through life aimlessly waiting to inherit our good fortunes; many of us believe things happen by chance or luck; many of us stray from hard work, because if it was meant to be it would come easily to us.  We pay up front for goods and services, we get to know people before we become friends, we plant seeds before we harvest: why should success be any different?


Reaching your goals and achieving your dreams should be the hardest thing you will ever do.

There are a couple different reasons why reaching your ultimate goals should be incredibly hard- borderline impossible.  First, your ultimate goals and dreams are meant to be incredibly lofty and hard to accomplish.  Of course, we set goals within reach that lead us along our path and encourage our progress, but our ultimate goals should be out of our reach, they should be beyond the realm of what we think is possible for ourselves, they should call our very best selves into existence.  Second, achieving dreams is hard; life is hard, failure, criticism, haters: it all sucks.  If you can prepare yourself for the fact that achieving your dreams will be the hardest thing you have ever done, if you know that there will times you want to quit, there will be times you want to give in and settle back into your old ways, then you will be more prepared to face these tough times when they come.


If you want to reach your ultimate dreams then you must: learn to embrace failure with excitement, prepare for hard work and pay it before you expect success; accept the fact that your ultimate goals will be the hardest thing you have ever tried to accomplish.  If you understanding these three things then I implore you to go; waste no more time; live your life right now!


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