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What is the value of a life?

What is the value of a life?

Many people are on this planet right now; many people are breathing and their hearts are beating, but are they really alive?  How many people out of 7 billion on the planet are really alive right now?  If you have a heartbeat you might be clinically alive, but does it really mean you are living?  Today, I propose that life is not something that happens on accident, but instead, it is something you choose every moment.


What are you choosing right now for your life?  That’s the question that determines if you are really awake or if you are just a body on the planet; if you can answer the question with a quick and clear answer then you have a purpose, it may not be your highest potential, but it is something.


I don’t mean to imply that there is a one size fits all approach to life: there are many different ways to live a meaningful life.  Life with a purpose does have one clear requirement- that you have a purpose!  Living a life with no purpose, no direction, no meaning is a sad way to live.  If you don’t have a purpose, then why are you here, why are you walking around aimlessly with an entire planet of beauty and promise all around you.


No one chooses to be born, but we do choose to live.  Living in a path plotted by others, living inside your comfort zone, closing off your mind and emotions, and drudging through life like the walking dead is NOT a life; you might have a heartbeat, you might be moving, but you are not here to just go through the motions, you are here to become something else entirely.  Just like the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, your life is your metamorphosis to determine what you become in the next stage of life.


All life is valuable, and all life has its place.  You don’t need to be Bill Gates or the next President to have value in your life.  Simply deciding why you are here and letting the actions of your life reflect that choice is enough to make you truly alive.  For some their purpose is family, then let your life reflect that choice, be the best person you can to and for your family, don’t stay who you are, grow!  For others their purpose is charity, then let your life be giving, give the best of yourself each day to the world and those who need your light.  For others still, their purpose is to lead or pave new roads for the masses, if you are here to lead or trail blaze, then become your best self, and go forward with all your heart.


Whether your life’s ambition is to be a trash man, a parent, or a superstar, just make the choice to be the very best that you can.  Everyone is unique and has a unique desire burning within their heart, its their own special way of living; whatever your purpose is, seek to do it to your very best.  By making yourself into the best version of yourself possible each day, you encourage others to grow, you inspire others, and you manifest your destiny.


The value of a life cannot be measured by accomplishment, it cannot be measured by currency or possessions; the value of a life is measured by its impact on the world, by the effort put forth to be the best human being the best human being that you can.  Touching a few people closest to you and transforming 2 or 3 lives completely is just as valuable (maybe even more valuable) as building an empire and employing thousands.


The measure of a life is your effort, your decision to be the best that you can.  Living in the moment, means taking hold of the moment and doing your very best in each moment.  Living in the moment means deciding to let go of petty distractions and emotions and attempting to manifest your highest form every second.  You can be a monk, a politician, a business owner, or a parent, but please just decide to be something.  The value of a life is life force behind it, to take control of your life pick a path, pick a purpose, and go for it with all your heart.  If you don’t yet know your purpose then just choose to live and learn in the moment, grow, evolve, and expand your consciousness beyond the droning of the masses.  Explore, question, and learn to think for yourself, if you choose to come to life, trust me, you’ll find your purpose…it may even feel like it finds you.

SO GO AND LIVE.  Live fully and abundantly in each moment, grow, learn, and evolve.  You can’t even imagine how wonderful the person you might become will be.

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