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What does higher consciousness mean: are there different levels of living?

What does higher consciousness mean: are there different levels of living?

Consciousness is defined as the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings, and if consciousness is a state of awareness, then the higher your awareness, the higher your consciousness.


A lot of people think of the term higher level of consciousness as a new age and meaningless term, but I can say for certain that different levels of consciousness DO exist, they may not be concrete and subjective, but they are definitely there.


The first level of consciousness is self awareness.


Self awareness just means that you are aware of the fact that you are a being and that you exist.  Many animals have demonstrated self awareness in studies including pigeons.


Self awareness says I am a being, and I will act in such a way to preserve my current levels of comfort and security, so when a self aware being is hungry, it eats, when a self aware being is tired, it rests.


Self awareness means that something acts to preserve its immediate comfort, it may not question why it does what it does, but it acts in such a way as to ensure its comfort and survival.  I would say 100 % of humans are self aware. People who only have this baseline level of self awareness often act on impulse, out of habit, or they just blindly follow society or authority without any consideration of why.


Second, comes questioning authority and non conforming.


People who are nonconformists have basically come to the realization that society dictates most of what we do through mass conformity.


Non conformists strive to decide decisions on their own will, and try not to be influenced by what “everyone else is doing”.  Non conformists are still highly bound by their own beliefs, ideas, and interpretations of the world.


Non conformists still often end up being unable to make their own decisions because they are required by their beliefs to make decisions that don’t conform to society’s norm.  While they may not be bound by society’s standards, they are stuck making decisions based off of an idea of what is different.


So a non comformist has considered the absurdity of following blindly and living without purpose, but by rejecting everything mainstream they confine their thinking to only opinions and ideas that are counter the mainstream.


The third level of consciousness is self questioning.

A self questioning person thinks about why they do what they do;  they ask questions,and they ponder existence and the structure of things.


While a self aware individual may act only to maintain comfort , security, and happiness and act impulsively, a self questioning individual is able to view their desires at least partially objectively.


Self questioning people can be likened to the child who always asks the parent why?  They are usually free thinkers, but are often afraid to act because they are so often questioning everything.


A self questioning person is able to look at themselves from a third person point of view, and is capable of discovering deep truths about themselves and the universe.  They are usually logical, well informed, tolerant, and highly successful people.



The fourth level is self actualization


This is one of the highest forms of consciousness.  In this state, people have surpassed self awareness, nonconformity, and self questioning, and through deep personal exploration and an open mind, they are able to let go of beliefs that may hinder them or hold them back from manifesting their destiny.


When a person becomes self actualized they have determined who they are, what they want, and the highest meaning for their existence.


A self actualized person is motivated to reach their highest potentials, to achieve their maximum level of life, and to be the very best that they can.


Maslow proposed this state of consciousness as an afterthought to his Hierarchy of needs.  When you become self actualized, you commit yourself to a purpose of being the best you can be, and you give yourself to a cause or meaning.


Self actualized means YOU have discovered who you really are underneath your past, beliefs, experiences, and paradigms, it mean that you have stripped away most, or all of your beliefs that were inherited and you have instead chosen beliefs that are tolerant and most beneficial to you.



I believe that the highest form of consciousness is one with everything or non resistance.


When you reach this level of consciousness you are like water, you are the formless form, the shapeless shape.  When you reach non-resistance, you seek no ownership or possession of anything in the world (including yourself) and you no longer view yourself as one being, but rather, a cog functioning in a great machine.  After finding yourself, your true self, and your purpose, you can become free to let go of all beliefs, ideas of right and wrong, and just exists as one with the universe.


I am certainly not at the highest level, maybe somewhere between self questioning and self actualized, and I have no idea what it’s like to be one with everything, but I can imagine a brief glimpse of total freedom from outcome, total release of fear and doubt, complete freedom to be as I am and one with the universe.


Sometimes, I gain some little bit of wisdom from observing the world, and I am left with an overwhelming sense of comfort.  Freedom from everything washes over me, and all pain and sadness is washed away.  These moments are the short times of enlightenment where I don’t feel like a man at all, but rather a transmitter for the wisdom of the universe.


This is not a definitive post, maybe my ideas will change over time.  I just wanted to give a shot at describing what has happened to me throughout my journey, and perhaps what will happen to others who raise their consciousness.


I know that I am certainly a very different person than I was several years ago, and I look forward to journey ahead that leads me into the person that I will someday become.

What do you think?  How has your journey been, and what do you think about higher levels of mentality?  If you like the post, please leave a comment below and let me know your opinion.

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