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What are you doing today to make tomorrow better?

What are you doing today to make tomorrow better?

Many people get stuck in the rut of hating life and being unhappy in their current situation.  Anytime we find ourselves stuck in a place of happiness there is one simple question that can help us make the situation better, or at least feel better about it.  That question is :”What can you do right now that will make the situation better?”.


Anytime we catch ourselves feeling sorry or unhappy for our current position a simple reframing from hopelessness into solution focused thinking can shift our entire perception. This simple question shifts our focus from the hopelessness and negative emotions of loss of control, to a focus on finding solutions.  If we think of the problem, how big it is, and how hard it will be to overcome, no amount of thinking will make us feel better about the situation.  Mulling repeatedly over the problems of life will not only keep us stuck in those problems, but it will make us feel powerless.  Shifting our minds to focus on solutions instead of problems will work wonders for your effectiveness and your happiness.


Every day we are either getting closer to our dreams and our fullest potentials, or time is taking us further away.  It is really as simple as that, cays without purpose will lead to a life without purpose.  We don’t all seek to be millionaires or professional athletes, but even the common person should seek to be their best self each day.  If we devote our energies towards being better: people, lovers, parents, or examples, we will definitely make our life happier and more worth while in the process.


Who doesn’t enjoy being congratulated for hard work that paid off?  Who doesn’t smile when we push through something difficult in life and become better because of the adversity.  So have you spent your days seeking comfort and security: running from the perceived threats of life?  We are not meant for comfort, we are here to grow, to evolve, to awaken and unleash our fullest potentials.


A man without a purpose is like a man in a tomb.  Having a purpose not only gives us strength and happiness, but it also leads our daily actions to make us into better human beings.  Whether you want to be a millionaire, a better parent, or a better lover, the solution lies in daily action and improvement.  What is your purpose, what do you want to improve?


So what have you done today?  Are your days taking you closer to your dreams, or are your choices deferred to the time that steals away your life each second?





  1. What if you are unhappy, but you don’t know what you want, you don’t know what dream to follow?

    • monsterid

      I recommend using a visualization tool of envisioning your perfect life. I like to imagine myself in 20 years, and picture every single detail about myself, how I talk, what my body language is like, where I live, and what I do for a living. Once I can clearly see the things that are most important to me, I start taking daily actions and setting goals to become a little more like that each day.


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