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What are the risks and benefits of going on double dates?

What are the risks and benefits of going on double dates?

A lot of couples like going on double dates, and there can certainly be some great benefits to them, but can doing too many double dates create problems as well, and what kinds of things can arise due to too many double dates?

Double dates aren’t good or bad, but they offer both benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider before you commit to a couples game nights 2 nights per week. Think it over, consider your relationship goals, and decide if double dates are a good idea for you.


The benefits of double dates


Double dates add more people into the mix

A double date can add other viewpoints and varieties into the date, when couples get together men can bound, women can bound, couples can bond, and people can be themselves and add new excitement into the date experience.


Double dates open up new date possibilities

When doubles date, new date possibilities like game nights, competitions, or team activities can become options. New excitement can come from new activities and new excitement can add to feelings of satisfaction in your relationship.


Double dates encourage you to be on your best behavior.

When you have been with someone for a long period of time, it can become common for you to spend a lot of time bickering or having small disagreements- even on a date night, but introducing other couples into the date can quell feelings of malice and encourage both couples to be on their best behavior- that means you usually end up avoiding many small arguments and disagreements.


Drawbacks of double dates


Double dates take away from one on one bonding time

While double dates are often fun and exciting, they do tend to take away from one on one quality time that couples could be spending together. One of the things that keeps relationships strong is spending enough time one on one together, so make sure that your double dates will allow you time to be a couple too.


Double dates take away intimacy

Most people on double dates are less affectionate, both physically and emotionally. The group dynamic can often discourage us from opening up emotionally with our partner and it can also discourage us from showing signs of physical affection like holding hands, kissing, or cuddling. While these things don’t have to be part of a successful relationship, for most people they are.


Double dates can cause us to pick sides.

Sometimes double dates can turn into men griping about women and women griping about men. There is an old adage that we call “the ball and chain”, and many women and men tend to view their other half as some sort of hindrance and annoyance in their life. Lots of guys get together to badmouth their women and lots of women do the same to men in return. Be careful not to allow double dates to turn into a battle of the sexes, because it will only further divide a relationship.


So are double dates a good idea?

Double dates are a great way to add variety and new experiences into an already healthy relationship, and it can also be a great way to start to mend a broken one.

Double dates can serve as a place for couples to heal wounds and begin to enjoy spending time together again after a major mishap or argument, and it can also just be a fun way to do something different for those couples suffering from a little bit of monotony.

Double dates can however, be dangerous to couples who are already lacking in intimacy or alone time. Double dates may not be such a great idea if you both have busy schedules and only get one evening per week to spend together, as that should really be your special time together.

You and your partner should weigh the pros and cons of double dating, but double dates are certainly an excellent way for couples to grow together and try new things.

What do you think? Do you go on double dates or have a couple friend that you and your partner get together with regularly? Leave a comment and let us know some awesome double date ideas!

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