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This is everything you need to know to start a new life

This is everything you need to know to start a new life

This is a chance for  a new start. isn’t a New Year’s resolution or just some gimmick to get you to stick with your new year’s goals.

This site is a collection of some of the very best lessons that I have learned in life. Its a compilation of the books I’ve read, skills I have developed, and many of the things I wish that I would have known YEARS ago.

This site is about giving away the lessons that have helped me change my life for the better…

You want to be healthier, be more passionate, have more fun, laugh more, achieve more success, and live a better life in every way possible…that is what I want too. It’s what every human being in the world wants.

Success is not a zero sum game, there is plenty room for all of us to live great lives and die knowing that we lived one hell of a life.

I want you to have everything that you desire in life…

That is why I created this site in January of 2015…to give you the very best that I have to offer. I try to offer a good mix of motivation, encouragement, knowledge, and personal help if you need it.

There is no moment like the current moment! tag a friend who needs a push to get started!

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You are a boat in the ocean and your thoughts are the current

If you have no destination in mind, then you are just drifting aimlessly towards nothing; yet, if you know where you want to go, but the current is pulling you the other direction you are still headed nowhere.

Every great achievement begins in the mind. You cannot actualize your dreams by accident and fortune is not something we stumble into; luck is the last hope for the person too afraid to MAKE their dreams come true.

 The starting point of all success is desire.  Billions of people on this earth are unhappy, they are paralyzed by fear, they are lulled to sleep by mediocrity, and they have grown numb from lack of passion.  



This is your call to action, your call to change, your call to stop sitting idly by, and go do what you have always dreamed of doing

 Whether your goal is to increase confidence, fall in love, make a million dollars, or lose weight, you will fail unless your mind is right first. Action without belief is useless, and belief without action is useless: dreams without both will never become reality.


Are you unhappy? Do you yearn for more?

Do you feel like a hostage in your day to day life?

Well I know why the caged bird sings! “The caged bird sings with a fearful trill of the things unknown, but longed for still; and his tune is heard on the distant hill, for the caged bird sings of freedom!”

You have the key to your own cage; if you desire more, if you want to live and do the things you have always dreamed of doing, then you can- but it all starts with belief. Unless you believe that you will do it, you won’t do it.

You must begin with a clearly drawn line in the sand, this is your life and you WILL not live the way you have been living for another second.

YOU must change now, not next week, not next month, not a year from now…



You need to know-right now- that you already have what you desire, its just a matter of paying the price to get it.

Everything you want to experience, have, do, or become in life has its price.

The price is already fixed.

You have to pay in sweat, hard work, sometimes tears and pain, but eventually once you have paid the price…the end goal can be yours.

Your dreams are in front of you; you can have them, but you must go towards them and you must be willing to pay ANY cost to get them.

The bigger your dreams, the higher the cost, but in life,  the real reward is not what you get in the end, but its the person you BECOME on your journey.


Its not gonna happen unless you make it happen.

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Start with desire for something more, add in the belief that you can achieve it; prepare to pay whatever cost is in front of you, and don’t accept any possibility of failure.

Don’t say “I’ll try”, say “Its already done!”

Next, see your destination vividly, really imagine your dreams in full bloom; set goals and prepare for adversity, plan for hard times and imagine yourself climbing over life’s hurdles.

Be consistent, and as you hit smaller goals you will turn into a snowball rolling downhill: small successes will turn into bigger successes. Your momentum will build and eventually you won’t be able to stop.


I could write a book calling you to action; I could sell you a course to guarantee your success, I could coach you one on one for 20 hours a week to make sure you realize your dreams, but it’s all meaningless unless you do it for yourself.


No matter what anyone tells you, no salesman can actually give you a product that will change any aspect your life, its up to you.

Make Your Best Self isn’t a promise for change and it’s not the change you need, the change you need lies within YOUR mind.

I can’t make your best self, YOU must make your best self.

MYBS is a toolbox full of items to help you on your journey; MYBS is a mirror to help you see the truth in your reflection: its you that saves your life.


I truly want you to achieve your dreams; I want you to realize your highest potentials, but if you won’t do it yourself then you aren’t ready for change.  Until you say “I WILL change”, you won’t change.


So if you are still asleep, and you won’t wake up from dreaming of the day you live in your perfect life, then I say “Dream hard, little dreamer, you might make it real someday”.  If your eyes are open yet you can’t yet see clearly, I say “You are almost there my friend”.  But if you will say “I am fully awake; I am ready to taste life and see all its splendors.”, if you will say “I am ready to become what I am destined to be. I am ready to recognize my HIGHEST potentials”, then I say Welcome to MAKEYOURBESTSELF.COM

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