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Use this simple trick to change your life…and it only takes 1 minute per day!

Use this simple trick to change your life…and it only takes 1 minute per day!

How many times have you created a resolution or commitment to start engaging in some sort of new, and life changing, habit only to find yourself losing motivation and momentum after only a few days?  How many ideas have you had and thought to yourself that you need to get around to doing at some point in order to make your life better or easier, yet from day to day, you can never seem to find the willpower or time you need to actually start doing them?


Learning to play the piano, start reading again, start exercising, watch what you eat: these are all examples of some of the foundational habits that many of us plan to start, but never really plan to start, instead we just postpone these life altering activities to some undesignated day in the future- that never comes.  What if you could find a trick that would short-circuit your brain’s habit of procrastination and allow you to create new habits that will support you doing all those things you want to do, but never actually do?


What if I told you that 1 minute a day is all it take to form a new habit and transform your life over time?  While 1 minute alone will not be enough to change EVERYTHING in your life, it is it often all it takes to start doing the things that you know you need to be doing to start making the “should dos” on your checklist turn into “dones”.


Why just committing to 1 minute a day can start forming better habits.


There are two main reasons that the 1 minute per day habit works.  First, committing to 1 minute per day gets you used to actually doing the task every day, and secondly, it will often lead to doing something more than 1 minute, because once you start doing something, you often realize that it’s not as bad as you thought and you just continue on.


Let us imagine your goal is to start working out everyday.  Often times, the biggest obstacle we have to overcome is our mind telling us “No, I don’t want to do that because ______” -you can fill in the blank with whatever excuse you have chosen for the day- but here’s the main point: your mind’s resistance to what you are about to do is your biggest hurdle when starting a new habit.


So in the example above, what happens when we apply the 1 minute habit technique to the situation?


The 1 minute habit technique says this: each day I will perform this activity for AT LEAST 1 minute.


So you can tell yourself, I only have to exercise for 1 minute, and all you have to do is maintain the promise that you will do your 1 minute of exercise and you will have already performed about 70% of the work you need to actually exercise.  Whether you exercise for 1 minute (the minimum) or whether you continue on and get in 30 minutes to an hour of exercise, you still did the hardest part: you actually did it.  If you make it into a habit to exercise (even if it’s only for 1 minute per day), then you will eventually start exercising more… guaranteed.

Once the habit of daily exercise is in place, the excuses will start to fade away, and you will probably even begin to like exercising after a while.


First program the habit, then let nature take its course.


The second benefit of the 1 minute habit is that you will almost always do more than the required minimum.  I mean seriously… who works out for 1 minute and quits?


Sure, you might only exercise for 5 minutes in the beginning, or you might only read 5 pages of your new book at a  time, but eventually, you are going to start doing more.  It is pretty much inevitable that if you truly commit to doing 1 minute of exercise, you get dressed, put on your shoes, drive to the gym, and step on a treadmill, that you are going to run for longer than 1 minute: it would be almost crazy not to.


For the 1 minute habit program to work there is one major thing that cannot be compromised on.  You MUST make 1 minute every single day to do the activity you want to do.  If you miss one day, you will very likely miss the rest of your life.


It is crucial that your commitment to 1 minute of this daily habit not waiver for anything.  Seriously, who can’t find 1 minute a day to devote to a habit that will make them a better or happier person?


So thats it, 1 minute is all it takes to start the changes in your life that you want to see.  If you want to be bold, try 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15, or 30…but whatever you choose, make sure that your number is low enough that you cannot make an excuse not to do it- even for one day- and make sure that you go into it with an attitude that it’s either do the habit or die.

It has to be that serious if you want to make it work.  Say to yourself “I would rather die than miss my daily habit.”, and mean it.  If you commit to 1 minute a day and you ensure that you never miss it, I guarantee that your life will be very different in 90 days, and you will have already laid the foundation for the new habits that will create a better version of you.


So what do you think about the 1 minute habit trick?  I have used it successfully in my own life, so I know it can work? DO you have any other tricks you use to get yourself doing stuff you SHOULD be doing?


Leave a comment below or reach out to us on Facebook and let us know what works for you, and please if you like this article and think it could benefit someone you know, give it a share!  Thank you.

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