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The top 5 reasons people don’t set goals.

The top 5 reasons people don’t set goals.

People neglect setting goals for a variety of reasons, just a few of which can be: procrastination, lack of belief in goals, lack of self awareness, not knowing what they want in life, and lack of belief in themselves.  Whatever your reason or reasons have been for not setting goals up until this point, it is time for you start adding this valuable practice into your life.


1. Procrastination


We love to put things off until tomorrow.  Even the most effective and successful people are often guilty of putting off the tasks that seem large or overwhelming to us.  Even small or simple tasks can get put off until tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. It takes a commitment to idea of setting goals to make it happen, it will be worth it.  Just give it a try, it will definitely make a difference in your life.


2. Lack of belief in goals


People generally have preconceived ideas about everything from success to health; we tend to believe what we are told without much second thought; if you don’t believe in the power of goal setting then you wont have much motivation to give it a try.  You might read successful people write about goal setting and its importance, but you still don’t see how they help you in life.   If you don’t believe in the importance of goal setting, just try setting 6 months of goals and see what happens over the next 6 months: treat it like an experiment and I can promise you’ll see some results.


3. Lack of self awareness


People tend to generally wander through life without much thought of their day to day lives and decisions.  If you never take time to question the meaning of life, your purpose, your daily actions, or your beliefs, then chances are you won’t ever set a goal.  Goals are the tools we use to guide us into better: selves, lives, futures, and choices.  If you have never thought about the meaning of your life, just try thinking about what you want; if you start thinking about what you want, you will realize what needs to change in order for those changes to take place…then you can start setting goals to make it happen.


4. Don’t know what they want in life.


We have all been there before: how many times have we heard a highschool kid say “ I don’t know what I want to do with my life”?  If you find yourself unclear on what you want, it will be impossible to guide yourself into what you want.  Take some time and consider what you know that you do want in life.  What is important to you:  Family, career, health, hobbies, traveling?  Think about what you want, then start making some goals to make those things happen.  As you set goals you will probably find that you actually have more clarity on what you want out of life than before you started.


5. Lack of self belief.


By far the #1 reason that people don’t set goals for themselves is because they don’t believe in themselves.  If you don’t believe in yourself, why would you waste time setting goals you will never achieve?  Why would you bother to think of what you want to achieve if you don’t believe you have the capability of making it happen?  Have you ever heard that old cliche that it you can dream it, you can achieve it?  Well, its true.  If you have a hard time believing in yourself, try setting some very small and easy goals.  As you start accomplishing small goals you will slowly start to realize that progress is possible and that you can grow and get better at things.  As the momentum grows, so will your self belief, and soon you will be achieving those dreams after all.


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