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The top 10 worst foods hiding on shelves across America.

The top 10 worst foods hiding on shelves across America.

When it comes to unhealthy foods, America has pretty much the entire world beat, but what are the worst foods hiding on your shelves and in your refrigerators right now?  Some foods are as common as sliced bread, others might not be exactly what you would expect.  Without further suspense, here are the top 10 unhealthy foods in most American households.


1.Refined sugar (table sugar).


Refined sugar is plain old table sugar.  Hiding in most pantries in America, sugar is completely devoid of any nutritional value, highly acidic, high in empty calories, and some Doctors actually believe that sugar is directly TOXIC to the liver.  Sugar has absolutely zero health benefits at all, yet millions put it over cereal or in coffee in the morning and add it liberally into their meals and desserts.


  1. White bread


White bread is basically the edible equivalent to table sugar; it is devoid of nutrition, it is bleached with strong chemicals to remove all of color, stripped of its nutrients and fiber, and packaged and sold to practically every American citizen at subsidized prices.  This isn’t about gluten intolerance, but white bread is just plain terrible for you.


  1. Cola and soft drinks


Cola and soft drinks are just liquid sugar.  Like sugar, they are devoid of nutrients, but because soft drinks are in liquid form, it makes downing 400 calories of pure sugar really easy to do.  1 20oz bottle of cola often packs near 250 calories and a whopping 65 grams of sugar…that is 16 teaspoons of sugar in one bottle!  If they ever invented a drink that would give you diabetes they would package it up and call it a soft drink!


  1. Potato chips


Potato chips are another empty carbohydrate.  Packed with simple carbohydrates and devoid of nutrition, chips also often come loaded with preservatives and sodium as well.


  1. Breakfast Cereals (especially kid’s cereals)


Breakfast cereals are often nothing but refined carbohydrates, sugar, and and handful of vitamins thrown back in to create the illusion of a healthy choice.  Kid’s cereals often have 20 grams of sugar per serving or more, are loaded with artificial dyes and flavors, and devoid of fiber.  No wonder kids are bouncing off the walls these days?


  1. Microwave popcorn.


Microwave popcorn is one of the last remaining widely used food items with high amounts of trans fats present in them.  One serving of popcorn can have as much as 5 grams of trans fats present, and the popcorn in these packets is also loaded with sodium, devoid of nutrients, and nothing but empty carbohydrates.


  1. Canned soups and pastas.


Many canned goods are still produced using BPA in lining (a highly toxic chemical, just run a quick google search for “BPA” to find out why this is so bad), BPA is known to leech out into the canned foods over time, especially in any tomato products.  Canned soups and pastas are also LOADED with sodium, many times a single can has your entire daily recommended intake of sodium.


  1. Margarine


Margarine was once touted as a healthy substitute for butter, and many people still choose to use this tasty topping.  Margarine is loaded with artificial flavors, transfats, and is made from hydrogenated oils.  Try leaving a stick of margarine outside on a hot day, not even insects will eat this toxic goop, what does that tell you?


  1. Packaged meats


Processed meats like: ham, turkey, chicken, or any type of lunch meat are loaded with sodium, full of preservatives, and highly processed.  In studies, people who consumed large amounts of lunch meats and other nitrate rich foods had higher levels of colon cancer as well.


  1. Pre-made sweets and candy.

These treats are usually loaded with preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring, high in sodium, loaded with sugar, devoid of nutrients, and often high in saturated fats and trans fats.  I know you may love your twinkies, but just say no, there is a reason a twinkie never spoils…because it is hardly food at all.

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