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The top 10 tricks to eat healthy even with a busy schedule.

The top 10 tricks to eat healthy even with a busy schedule.

1. Snack often, snack simply.

When you are crunched for time, snacking not only makes it easy to save prep time for food, but it also often encourages you to eat healthy foods.  Snack like raw vegetables, nuts, protein bars, and fresh fruit take no prep time and you can grab them on the go.


2.  Cook big and eat later.

Think homemade T.V. dinner- sometimes making a huge pot of chili on Sunday or Monday and eating left overs through the week makes sense.  It takes much more time to actually cook something yourself, so if you have something in the freezer or refrigerator ready that you can just heat up, you can save a lot time in a pinch.


3. Pack the night before

Preparing all the foods you will need for the next day, a day in advance, can help you stick to eating healthy and save you time.  If all your food is ready to go when you wake up, set up in containers, and ready to eat, you don’t have anything left to do in the morning but grab your bag and head to work.


4.  Step up your sweet potato game!

Sweet potatoes can be cooked in the microwave in about 5 minutes and are a good source of vitamins and nutrients,  just wash them well, poke holes in top and bottom with a fork and place on a microwave safe plate for 2 minutes 30 seconds, then flip them over rub with a little bit of oil and microwave for another 2 minutes and 30 seconds.   When you cook potatoes like this in the microwave, they are a quick and easy way to get a serving of a healthy carbohydrate source.


5.  Whey protein shakes.

Whey protein is very convenient and one of the few sources of protein that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  You can put a scoop in a shaker cup and you have a great post workout snack that takes just a few seconds to put together, just add water and shake it up.


6. Buy a rice cooker.

A rice cooker can cook healthy brown rice in an hour and keep it warm for you all day long so its ready when you need it.  All you need to do it add rice, ad water, turn it on and most will cook and then stay warm until you are ready to use your rice.


7. Buy a slow cooker.

Like a rice maker, a slow cooker can be used to cook your food while you are at work and keep it warm for you until you get home. to eat.  It saves you time of cooking, it ensures you have a warm meal ready for you when you get home, and it reduces the amount of dishes you’ll have to do later.


8.  If you have to do fast food…  have a salad.

If you absolutely must eat fast food, try to eat a salad.  You will definitely feel better afterwards.


9. Meal prep.

Meal prepping ahead of time is by far one the cheapest, most time efficient, and healthiest way to ensure you have food to eat.  You get to directly control what goes into your food, and you can prepare everything in single serve containers.  You can learn more about meal prepping here.


10. Eat more raw foods.

We typically think of a meal as completely cooked, but we can also eat, say a serving of cooked fish, and eat raw veggies or fruit along with it.  We don’t have to cook an entire meal all the time, not only are raw foods often higher in nutrient content, but they save you prep time as well.


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