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The power of positive thinking- The Helpful Habit Series

The power of positive thinking- The Helpful Habit Series

Imagine if your mind and thoughts encouraged you throughout your entire life; instead of hearing a voice of doubt when you thought of a new idea, you heard a voice telling you to go for it, and that you can do it.  Though our minds will often fall into a habit of negativity, if we commit to the process, we can retrain our minds and create a habit of positivity and encouragement to take hold within our own minds.


By learning many different techniques and making it a habit to remove, replace, or ignore our negative thoughts, we can create an internal environment that allows us to accomplish whatever we desire.


In a negative inner world, we might say “I can’t lose weight.”, and so our inner world becomes our outer reality.  When we don’t believe it is possible, we won’t try, and it will never happen.  In a positive inner world, we might say “I can lose weight.”, it might be hard, but I can do it.  In our inner world we can lose the weight, and so, our inner world will create an outer reality that will reflect that belief.


No matter what you do, want to do, have done: they are all shaped by the inner thoughts and beliefs that you hold.  If you fall victim to a cycle of disbelief, fear, doubt, and other negative emotions,  your outer world will reflect your inner belief.  No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you want things to change, your outer world will never change until your inner world changes.


I had to learn this the hard way.  I spent 4 years working VERY hard at something.  I believed in hard work, I believed others could make it happen, but I never truly believed I could do it: my inner voice was a voice of doubt and negativity.  So I trudged on until I couldn’t any more, until my spirit was tired and downtrodden.  When I finally committed to cultivating a positive inner environment, the world changed.  Despite all my previous hard work, learning, and commitment, I never made my dreams into reality because my inner world wasn’t right.


When I started working on my inner world, my outer world changed.  I now believe that anything is possible, I now believe that if I set my sights on something it’s already done.  This is the power of positive thinking.


To develop the habit of positive thinking we must: surround ourselves with positivity and remove negativity from our lives, focus on becoming present to the current moment and let go of expectations and past failure, use NLP or other methods to manage and remove or replace negative thoughts, pump as much motivation and encouragement into our minds as possible.  The habit of positive thinking and creating inner belief is the ultimate keystone habit that will change everything else.  Once your inner world is full of belief and positivity, your outer world will begin to reflect the same.

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