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The only thing certain is change- Learn to hunt for opportunity inside the chaos.

The only thing certain is change- Learn to hunt for opportunity inside the chaos.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

-Alan Watts


There is one thing that is almost certain in life, and that is change.  As much as we can strive to find security, comfort, and create routine, at any given time, our entire world and universe hangs by a thread that can break at any moment.  What happens to us when everything we have gets lost in a fire, what happens when everything we have worked for ends in failure, what happens when our ideas about life prove to be untrue and unfounded?  It is in these times of trial and heartbreak that we have two choices: we can grasp to the old way of doing things with all of our might- much like trying to keep an anchor afloat that would pull us down under with it- or we can let go of the old, search for new opportunities, and hunt the horizon for the next big thing.  One thing is certain: more than ever- today more than any day in time before us, change will come. The only question is will you be ready?


In today’s fast paced world many companies, even fortune 500 companies, are headed for bankruptcy as they desperately cling to the old ways of business that made them successful in years past.  We live in a world dominated by technology that is constantly changing; internet has made it possible for individuals to become authorities, it has allowed small businesses to grow and thrive, it has created endless information at your fingertips in a heartbeat, and it has paved the way for the most rapid expansion of knowledge and information the world has ever seen.  The latest technology is basically phased out already by the time it hits the market;  the demand for new products, services, and ideas in our world is truly endless.


“Victory has defeated you”- Bane.


I love this line from The Dark Knight Rises.  Bane tells Batman that victory has made him soft, that in his life of luxury he has lost his fight, lost his will, and lost the spirit of a warrior that defined him.  Like Batman, we all seek out comfort and security.  We hone our skills, put ourselves through school, get a job, and then thats it; we think we have made it and we can just relax and let our minds and bodies atrophy;  there is no completion; there is no point of absolute safety and at any moment we can lose it all.  Everything.


What happens when we work our whole lives for something and we fail: when something out of our control happens to ruin what we have built, do we lie down in depression and die?  Our do we stand back up and look to find what’s next.


“Be insatiable, Be curious, Be willing to destroy”- Jeremy Gutsche


In Jeremy’s latest book “Better and Faster” he goes over the ideas and principles that have allowed companies to thrive in a new economy, and he gives us examples of companies who grew complacent in the trap of security, and we look at some of the companies that embraced uncertainty and change to create massive success and wealth.  Brands like Apple, Google, Dollar Shave Club, and Victoria Secret have made millions by embracing new ideas and concepts and leaping into the unknown.


He covers 3 main traits of the Hunter (the person who embraces change and uncertainty).  The hunter not only performs well in chaos, he or she performs BETTER in chaos.  The hunter thrives in chaos, they search for new opportunities, they create masterful plans, and they capitalize on the “risks” that others are unable or unwilling to take.  The hunter is insatiable- they constantly seek something new, they never settle for good enough, they embrace change, and they are constantly honing their skills and evolving.  The hunter is curious- they observe what is going on in the world, they question why things happen the way they do, and they look for new and better ways to do things.  The hunter is willing to destroy- while others cling onto the old ways of doing things (even when they are ineffective), the hunter is willing to let go of the old ways and find and embrace the new way.


The hunter is ready for anything, they are able to adapt to new challenges, they embrace failure, and they seek out new ways to improve.


“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”-Sun Tzu


It is only in the unpaved and untamed areas of life that we can create true progress, think about it: to grow we must go through pain, to tame the wilderness we must run into the jungle, to build skyscrapers we must hoist ourselves to great heights, to start a business we must be willing to risk bankruptcy, to love someone we must first make ourselves vulnerable, and to change the world we must first do something different.


It is only in times of change, chaos, and uncertainty that we truly allow ourselves to live and thrive.  Embracing a life of comfort is no way to live: by seeking security to comfort us, we unknowingly give up sovereignty over our lives: we allow routine to govern our days, and we allow our inner life force to dwindle into nothingness.


Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”

-John C. Maxwell



If you want truly great things, if you want to live a life worth remembering, and if you want to live inside a dream that you can barely imagine, you must be willing to let go of the sure thing, and instead pursue avenues that are less certain.  If you seek to change the world, you must first trailblaze a new way of living, create a movement, and guide the mass of followers along your path.


Leaders don’t follow everyone else from behind the crowd, leaders get out there in the front lines and lead the charge.  Do you want to be a leader, do you want to change things, do you want to make the world a better place, or do you want to play it safe from the sideline and watch everyone else?


Everyone who has ever been great, first had the courage to do something different, to follow their heart, to embrace the uncertainty of their decision and head into hostile and scary times.  You can cling to comfort, hide away the rumblings of your heart, and play it safe in life- giving up your true chance at happiness and achievement, or you can choose to accept that nothing is guaranteed anyway, and it’s better to take risks to get what you want than it is to sit and wait for life to take away the little that you already have,

There are 3 types of people in this world: people who watch it happen, people who make it happen, and people who don’t even know what’s going on.  Which one are you, and which one will you be tomorrow?  It is your choice.

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