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The Motivation Manifesto- Book Review

The Motivation Manifesto- Book Review

The motivation manifesto by Brendon Burchard is a powerful call to action in our daily lives. The book is bound in a beautiful black leather like material, has gold print lettering on the front cover, and has a built in red ribbon book mark. Aside from the beautiful presentation of the book, it is filled with numerous ideas, calls to action, and tips to help you become the highest version of yourself possible. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to master their life and become better.

The first section of the book is a declaration of personal power. Not only is this opening section emotionally charged and highly motivating, but it also written in a way that heavily alludes to many of the greatest changes in humanity. I’ll let you see for yourself, but this opening section is written in a way that is very epic, for better or for worse, it is highly charged.

In section one Brendon defines for us what freedom is, what fear is, and what motivation is. He describes the three topics and explains the human psychology behind them. We learn how freedom is one of the driving motivations for mankind, and how our search for freedom is often at the center of our search for happiness. Next, we learn about fear and how it not only cripples our freedom, but locks us into unhappy lives. Finally, we learn about motivation, how to sustain it, and how our success often hinges upon the amount of energy and motivation we can carry with us into our daily lives.

Section two covers the 9 declarations: meet life with presence and power, reclaim our agenda, defeat our demons, advance with abandon, practice joy and gratitude, don’t break integrity, amplify love, inspire greatness, and slow time. The nine declarations truly cover almost every aspect of becoming a successful and effective person, but does so differently than many self help books on the market. This book is an emotional call to action, it is poetic and poignant, and it isn’t bogged down with too many studies or numbers: quite simply this is what Brendon believes, take it or leave it.

In this section Brendon covers topics like: living powerfully in the moment, taking control over your life and following your passions, learning to love with no fear of pain, sticking with your values, defeating your inner doubts and insecurities, and being grateful for what you do have rather than anguishing over what you don’t.

The motivation manifesto is a powerful, emotional, and inspiring book written from wisdom rooted deeply in the spirit of self improvement. Brendon truly seeks to awaken the sleeping power inside you, and he makes bold calls to action repeatedly throughout the book that are designed to stir something that lives deep within your mind.

This book may not be for the person who is already aflame with passion, but I was able to learn a lot of great lessons despite my high drive for success already being present. This is a great book that I would highly recommend this book for ost anyone looking to increase their motivation, effectiveness, or potential for greatness. If this book doesn’t make you want to go out and seize the day, I don’t know what will, so give it a try!

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