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The Matrix is real: Who you are vs. who you think you are.

The Matrix is real: Who you are vs. who you think you are.

“Thats just not who I am.”, “I’m not like that.”, or “I not good at things like that.”, all these statements have one thing in common: they are all statements that define us or our limits.


The human mind often struggles to maintain identity in a world full of constant change and challenge, and in order to cope with the uncertainty of day to day life, our minds often create elaborate beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of.


In an effort to protect our “ego”- or the self that we identify with and create in our own minds- we will often reject things that challenge our beliefs and ideas about how things work.


A closed mind can protect protects us from failure, challenge, and some amount of pain, but true personal growth requires questioning everything, and true personal growth almost always requires stepping outside of our own defined limits and creating new ones.


Who are you?


Most of us automatically assume we are our past actions, our experiences, and the way we act each day, but these things only make up our thoughts.  You are NOT your thoughts.  You are not your past actions.  You are not what others think you are.  You are whatever you decide to be and accept in every moment.


If you say you are shy, then you will be shy.  If you say you are obese, you will be obese.  There is no changing the reality of what sort of behaviors and beliefs you have had in your past, but at any time you can choose to become something different in the current moment.


Most of us have never truly considered this one simple question: “Who am I?”.


Every belief you hold, every experience you have gone through, and every trial and test has shaped and molded you to become the person you are today- but that is only true until you realize that you can take control.


Circumstance will shape who you are, what you believe, and how you act until you take conscious control.  Quite simply, you are NOT your mind.  You did not choose your beliefs, they were most likely chosen for you by your mind and by others around you.


How do you know what you know?  Why do you believe what you believe? Where did your thoughts come from?


If who you are is not from conscious design, then trust me, you are not reaching your highest potential.


Beliefs are just a tool that our mind uses to keep us safe and comfortable.


Ask most evangelical atheists what they think about God and they will laugh in your face, but put many of them on the 100th floor of a burning building and watch how closely they will pray to any God that will hear them.


This happens because your beliefs are there in your mind to serve a purpose, they are the tools that your mind creates to make you feel better, to deal with or avoid adversity, and to support your idea of who and what you are.


Either you are in control, or circumstance is in the driver’s seat.


Our beliefs tend to naturally form to justify our actions in life, to justify the behavior and actions of others, and depending on how you were raised, they make us believe one of two things: we are in control, or we are victims to something beyond our control.


The people who realize they are in control are like the people fighting in the movie the Matrix, they are the people fighting themselves, trying to grow, pushing their comfort zone, while the people who are victims to circumstance are still asleep inside the matrix.


Until you can open your mind and realize that everything you believe is an elaborate construct of your mind, you are trapped in the matrix being governed by the beliefs that your mind has created.


Your world is what you create in your mind, and you will always become and reflect what you believe you are.  


If you believe you are a victim to the system, then you will be helpless to act or change.  If you believe that who you are is a result of how others have treated you, and that after childhood you are already formed into who you are, then you are pretty much hopeless to change.


The thing to realize is that you are NOT your past, your are NOT your mind, you are NOT what you think you are, but you are something far beyond your understanding.


Your “self” can not be defined, except by your own definitions, your true self is deep within you and it is something that transcends everything else.  It is an unlimited potential of growth, achievement, and power that lies sleeping inside of you.


You can be whatever you want to be.  Anything you think you can be, you already are.  


Stop being the victim and playing the world’s smallest violin.


Everyone who has ever done anything has had to go through adversity to get there, so stop feeling sorry for yourself.

We all have made mistakes, been hurt, hurt others, and believed in things that held us back, but EVERYTHING can change.


Realize that you can’t be defined, and that you are capable of changing anything about yourself that you desire to change.

No more labeling who you are by what you have done, what your work is, what your past is, or what you think you are capable of: you are what you think you are, so start thinking your are a limitless ball of potential, rather than a set of beliefs.

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