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The marriage advice I wish I would have had- Book Review

The marriage advice I wish I would have had- Book Review

Recently I was contacted by a representative of Gerald Rogers who asked if I would be interested in receiving a free copy of Gerald’s book, The marriage advice I wish I would have had”.  Always a skeptic I agreed to write an honest review of the book after I received my copy and read through it.  The following review is not a paid endorsement, but is a genuine review on what I considered to be an excellent book written by a heartfelt man who regrets the loss of his marriage.

In the preface and introduction of The marriage advice I wish I would have had, Gerald tells us a little bit about his story, how he came through a painful divorce, and how he accepts responsibility for the divorce.  In a step away from most people, Gerald acknowledges that there are things he should have done to keep his marriage strong, and the book is dedicated to people looking to save and protect their own marriages, renew or revive suffering marriages, or build the foundations for a new marriage.

Gerald’s book is an introspective journey into what WE can do to make a better marriage or relationship, and instead of focusing on how to deal with problems, it focuses on how to give our partner the love they deserve and create a truly unique and wonderful relationship.

The book is a quick read (it can be easily read in a sitting), but it is written so that you and your partner can do some exercises together, so it could easily be read (with your spouse) over the course of several days, or weeks.  Each chapter is a concise little tidbit that will primarily serve to increase your awareness of your behavior and to make modifications that will encourage the growth of your relationship or marriage.

There are 20 principles governing the book and your behavior that should be present in your marriage and they include: Protect your heart, fall in love over and over again, always see the best, its not your job to fix your spouse, take accountability for your emotions, allow your woman to just be, be present, be vulnerable, never stop growing together, forgive, and ALWAYS choose love.

The book seems to be written mainly for the potential man who is aspiring to be the very best husband or partner that he can be, but certainly the lessons in the book could benefit a man or woman, and could definitely be of great benefit to a couple working together through the book as a team.

This book is heartfelt, introspective, wise, and thoughtful, and it was obviously written by a man who was hurt enough by the loss of his marriage to look at himself in order to correct his own actions, rather than to blame and point fingers at his former wife (like so many of us do).

In a world where it is so easy to play the victim, it is great to find a book written for men encouraging them to take positive action in order to make their marriages into something great.

Over all, this book is great read for single men, men on the dating scene, married men, or couples that want to revive their relationship of marriage.  The wisdom in this book is poignant and I think that many people could benefit just from reading the simple, but powerful, statements, tips, and exercises present in this book.

If you are looking to save your marriage or turn your marriage into a truly great experience, I would definitely recommend Gerald Roger’s book, “The marriage advice I wish I would have had.”

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