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The harder I work, the luckier I get: the science behind success.

The harder I work, the luckier I get: the science behind success.

Let’s imagine, just for a second, that every person on the planet is a rubber ball bouncing around- wildly- off of the ground and into the air.  It is completely random, and balls are flying in every single direction.  As they bounce, they collide into each other and send others careening sporadically all over the place.


The huge mass of chaos is life, and as life goes on particles constantly collide and decay, and combine and split.  So if life is totally random, if everything is just a jumble of chaos, why do people try to change anything at all?


Freedom of choice, the power of the human mind, and science have allowed human beings to create leverage against the laws of nature and create more safety and security in our everyday lives.


Nature is scary, life is scary, the world is scary, and as time has passed, people have used their thoughts and actions to influence the changes they wish to see in the world.


In a strictly statistical point of view, human probably shouldn’t fair too well against the others animals in the animal kingdom, but statistics don’t take into account the power of the human mind.


Statistically a human who runs about 14 miles per hour at top speed shouldn’t be able to take down a buffalo, but give a man a spear, a trap, a tribe, or high powered rifle and suddenly things change.


The numbers all say that a tiger always beats a man in a fight, but how can the numbers quantify the human brain?


Since the dawn of human history, man has been defying statistics and doing the impossible.  Flight, four minute miles, skyscrapers, landing on the moon, horseless carriages, and agriculture: all of these things were created by mankind in order to place us in a better situation as a society.


Let’s imagine there are 100 people in a room, and each one of them has to fight to the death for their own survival.  Statistics would tell us only one person can walk out alive, and statistically the biggest, strongest, toughest guy would win, but then the human mind throws science for a loop again.


Case studies on beating the odds.


Royce Gracie- Early UFC

Anybody remember the old school UFC fights, where 180lb Royce Gracie beat up 250 pound monsters several times per tournament?  Statistics are great, they serve a real purpose in our world, but you should never count out the underdog, because you don’t know what is inside of someone.


Michael Phelps- Olympics

Any sporting event is a great example of numbers vs. willpower and skill as well.  Take a look at Michael Phelps; not only did Phelps set multiple world records, win 8 events, and go into the history books, but he also beat the odds 8 times in one single Olympics.


The odds of winning an olympic gold medal are about 1-662,000, and just to put that into perspective, the odds of being struck by lightning are about 1-576,000.  Phelps not only won one single gold medal, but 8.  The chances of this event happening again are 1 in 36,886,000,000,000,000,000,000


In the examples above, these men repeated their feats over and over again, despite incredible odds against them every single time.


So sure, statistics apply to people as far as we allow them to apply to us, but there are a special few out there who don’t give a damn about the odds, they just make it happen anyway.


Statistics can quantitate size, strength, power, speed, agility, and to some extent skill, but how does one measure the power of someone’s mind?


Most of us are aware that a large portion of the human mind’s potential is unused, and sometimes the greatest of us tap into a special power that lies dormant in most of us, and it allows them to achieve the impossible.


The harder someone works, the more they believe, the more imaginative and creative their ideas and dreams become, they will start to defy the odds.  Sure 1 in a million might people become hollywood stars, but do you think it is any coincidence that all of the really successful stars worked their ass off to be where they are?


Acting classes, body language classes, fitness routines, singing lessons, strict diets, countless failures and botched auditions and performances: these are just a few of the things that made these special few capable of defying the odds.


So is it possible to do all that hard work and still not make it?  Yeah, it is, but isn’t it also possible that you will hate your job, and regret not taking the path you truly wanted to take in life?


Take a look at a survey of how happy people are in life


A large 2013 survey of several thousand people said that less that 33% of people report that they are happy.  That means out of 100 people on the street, only 33 of them will tell you that they are happy.


Statistically you are probably going to be unhappy, shouldn’t you just try to do what makes you happy, or will you choose to defy the odds and just CHOOSE to be happy?


They say the harder you work the luckier you get.  And It is because people can’t see what’s inside of you, inside of your brain, inside of your imagination.


People can’t see the hours you’ve spent practicing your skills, the mountains of books you’ve read learning about everything you need to be a success.


The people around you can’t see the sweat you put in, the tears you cried, the sleepless nights, and all the sacrifices you made to make something turn into reality.


You might just be 1 person in 7 billion, but that doesn’t mean you are built the same as everyone else, because you may have been born like everyone else, and you might be made of the same thing as everyone else, but you can build yourself into something different.


Defy the odds: work hard, and improve your skills.  So, If you find yourself lost in a sea of surmounting odds against you, facing down a charging buffalo, don’t be afraid to pick up your spear and charge.

The odds may be against you, but that’s when you’ll need to push back against the odds and make your own luck.


Have you ever beaten the odds or know someone who has?  Please share your story below or leave a comment on our Facebook page letting us know your own success story!

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