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The benefits of reading- A Personal Mentor

The benefits of reading- A Personal Mentor

Imagine having all of your greatest role models and idols right next to you.  At the push of a button you could ask them any question, listen to their stories about mastery, or learn any lesson that they learned in life.  Imagine a world where you can learn any skill almost instantly and find almost any information right this second.  Welcome to world of technology, welcome to the world of books, welcome to the information age!  With the amount of books, articles, videos, and information available to us online, any information you could possibly imagine is now immediately accessible at your finger tips.


Reading is one of the most transformative and under utilized practices to achieve massive success and personal growth.  Books exist on almost every single topic, and with the advent of resources like amazon kindle, we can now have an entire book at our fingertips in a matter of seconds (we don’t even have to wait for shipping anymore).  Books are usually written by experts in their fields; masters of trade publish books filled with the concepts, lessons, and experiences that they learned in order to make up their personal expertise.  While we can’t fit an entire life experience into one book, the amount of information to be found in a single book can be staggering.  When you pick up a book, you pick up a manuscript, a blueprint if you will, that the author wrote just for you…they want to teach you everything they have learned, and all you have to do is read it.


When you buy an expert’s book, you get a personal mentor to hold right within your hands.  You can read their ideas, thoughts, and experiences over and over.  In a matter of hours you can read through an author’s life, you can learn their mistakes, their lessons, and what it took for them to achieve the success that they were seeking.  Authors teach you in one book, what often took them years to learn on their own.  Want to learn sales?  Buy a book by an expert salesperson, or better yet, buy several books and hand pick the techniques and information that help you the most.  I can not even begin to explain the value that reading 1-2 hours per day can add to your life, mind, and skills.


Private lessons or seminars with some experts could cost you thousands of dollars per hour, but often times a book will cost you less than 20$.  Not only do writers often give you a direct outline on what to do to get better and achieve their levels of success, but they often let you know up front what obstacles to expect and what difficulties they personally experienced.


If you seek to improve at any aspect of life, there is a book for it.  Increase confidence, fix your relationship, fix a car, write your own book, or start a business: you can find a book or many books on almost any topic you could imagine.  After you decide you would like to improve at something, the first thing I recommend doing is buying 1-3 books on the topic and reading them.  You don’t need to go to college to open your own business, you don’t need to take classes on balancing a spreadsheet or running an inventory control program to run a business effectively, there is a book for that.

Save yourself the time and money, buy the books, read them, and try putting what you learn into practice.  There is a mentor for everything you have ever imagined within the binding of a book, all you have to do is open the cover, and start practicing the lessons you learn within.


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      Thanks Mustafa! That is definitely what I am seeking to create here on MYBS. I want to provide a huge resource to keep people like you inspired, and I try very hard to create content that will help people with the issues that they encounter every day in life. Thanks again for visiting, I hope you will come back often!


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