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The 7 best ways to relieve stress.

The 7 best ways to relieve stress.

There are many different ways to deal with stress and this article will show you a few of the major ways to relax and take off some of the pressure of day to day life.


Be grateful.


Taking a few moments to remind yourself of everything you are grateful for and all the things you appreciate in your life definitely helps you get grounded in the present.  A lot of stress has to do with focusing too much on negative thoughts or perceived catastrophes.  Taking just a few moments to list  things you appreciate about your life will help you shift your focus to thoughts that are more positive.




When you don’t feel there is anything to be grateful for, removing yourself from your thoughts completely can help you settle down.  Close your eyes and slowly begin to relax every muscle in your body from your neck down to your feet.  Relax one muscle at a time and release all of your tension.  Focus on your breathing and taking deep, slow, relaxed breaths.  Try to focus on your breathing and release your thoughts, try to remove your worries and let go, be drawn into the moment fully.


Listen to happy music or your favorite song.


Music has a powerful effect on human emotion.  Even if you are stressed to the max, putting on your favorite song and smiling, dancing, singing, or even just listening can help you lift your spirits, especially if it is an upbeat and positive song.


Read a book.


Getting lost in a good novel or book is an excellent way to let go of what’s on your mind and get onto something more positive.  Try taking 30 minutes out of your busy day for a little reading time and you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.




Getting your blood pumping is a great way to distract yourself from stress and also relieve some tension at the same time.  Exercise produces endorphins that give you a feel good vibe that can leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled.


Go to your happy place


Picture yourself in a happy place or reliving a happy memory:  see yourself on a beach with your family, walking through the woods, or watching a beautiful sunset.  Whatever it is that makes you happy and feel relaxed, picture the place in your mind and go there; its hard to be stressed out with the water washing away the sand in between your toes.


Walk through nature


Getting out into nature and away from technology and hustle of everyday life can be very therapeutic.  Nature is very calming to many people and can be an excellent way to leave your stress behind.  A beautiful escape from your worries is usually just a short walk away.


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