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Taking Small Steps

Taking Small Steps


Hi Everyone!

I hope your week is going great. For my first post I want to talk to you about making small changes towards your goals. The weekend is approaching and will be a great time to start taking steps to set your plans into motion. After all, the weekend is generally when most of us have our free time and can do the things we want to do. But do you really? Do you do something to bring you closer to your dreams and goals?  If you answered no, why not let this weekend be different?  The warmer weather has begun and the days are getting longer: that means more time to put your goals into action.

So let’s start small. This can be applied to eating habits, physical fitness, or making changes to reach other goals in your life. It is important to start with small changes, they are what lead to the big pay off, the juice is in the squeeze. The small steps you take everyday are so crucial to the end result and should not be looked at as obstacles you have to overcome to get to the big prize.

Let’s say you want to lose weight, this is a goal for so many people. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale reading your dream weight, focus on increasing your daily activity. Focus on tracking your steps by downloading a step tracking app on your phone and taking walks outside during your lunch break or after dinner before the sun sets. Eventually, something as simple as walking more will be a part of your daily ritual – and it should be looked at as a ritual. Not a daunting task, but something that mentally brings you a sense of purpose and intent.

Whatever it is you want to work toward, make a plan and figure out what the smallest steps are that you need to take to get there. Eventually you will be a master at tackling the small steps and you will arrive at your goal. And all because you put the plan into action. That is what creating our dreams and goals is all about: putting plans into action. It may sound silly, but even something as simple as thinking about our goals is a small step to achieving them. Daydream about them, use your imagination, and think about what it will feel like once you achieve your goal. This puts the plan into action in you mind. Your mind is your biggest critic, and once you can harness that, the rest is pie.

What is it that you want to achieve? What is one small step that you can put into action right now or at least this weekend? Go ahead and write down your plan and please share your ideas in the comments!

Until next time,

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