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4 supplements that actually can help you lose fat.

4 supplements that actually can help you lose fat.

1) Caffeine

Caffeine is the most consumed drug on the planet; people all over the world drink coffee, tea, or other sources of caffeine for its positive effects on mood, alertness, focus, and energy, but caffeine is also a potent fat burner.  Caffeine is an appetite suppressant (it decreases desire to eat), and it also slightly increases the metabolism (which means it helps you burn fat).  As more research mounts for the benefit of caffeine it becomes clear that caffeine can be a part of a healthy lifestyle.


2) Green tea or EGCG

EGCG is the main fat burning ingredient found in green tea and you should seek out an extract high in EGCG for fat loss;  you can chose to buy a standardized extract that specifically lists the amount of this ingredient or you can drink green tea several times throughout the day.  If you opt for the pill form make sure you find an extract that has at minimum 200 mg of EGCG per serving and take one serving three times per day with meals.


3) Synephrine or Bitter orange

Synephrine (bitter orange extract) is a supplement that is very similar in fat burning action to ephedrine, but is generally considered much safer and doesn’t affect the pulse rate.  Synephrine is found naturally in the peel of grapefruits.  People with any sort of heart disorder are generally discouraged from using caffeine, ephedrine, or other stimulants, but synephrine has little effect on blood pressure or pulse in most studies.  Although synephrine does not appear to be as effective at fat burning as ephedrine in most studies, it is quite a bit safer.  Doses range from 10 mg to 30 mg per capsule taken 2-3 times per day for fat loss.


4) Cayenne.

Cayenne pepper is a well known thermogenic.  Thermogenics work by raising body temperature, this raises basal metabolism which in turn burns calories and fat.  Cayenne pepper also stimulates the immune system, and increases blood flow.  If you can stand the heat try to add some cayenne to a few of your meals each day, or if you don’t like spicy foods you may want to look into getting cayenne in capsule form.  Be careful to introduce cayenne slowly to your diet as too much spicy food can cause indigestion, stomach pain, or even ulcers.


To conclude: the safest, most effective, and best way to burn fat is to eat better, exercise more, and eat less.  Some supplements do show some promise as fat burners, but are not nearly as effective as natural lifestyle and dietary modifications.  If you still choose to try out a fat burner stick with thee natural and effective supplements.

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