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Success is not a place on a map, it is the journey

Success is not a place on a map, it is the journey

Sometimes people fail to realize that success isn’t some destination, it’s actually the product of a long process.

It’s the old Iceberg adage in work in real life- you know- that success is just the tip of the iceberg…what people don’t see is the hours of toil, hard work, challenge, and even deep depression that it takes to experience the very top of life’s experiences.


success, iceberg

Success is an iceberg, everything underneath the surface is hidden


Everyone who has ever been successful at anything has surely had those moments of pain, those troubling moments of doubt, and even those overwhelming moments of hopelessness and despair.

When those feelings come into play; however, it should serve as a reminder to focus on the process rather than the result of the process. Success is not what lies at the top of the iceberg…its what lies beneath buried in the struggle of creation that truly creates the happiness that you are after.



Failure SHOULD abound in your life’s work

Failure is not usually a sign that you are on the wrong course in life, in fact, failure should be one of the main signs that you are headed in the right direction.

The road to success- and ultimately success is living a life that is in alignment with your passion and sense of purpose, is a long and difficult one. Few men or women are lucky enough to stumble right into a life that they love; few people are able to suddenly wake up one day and allow their passion to lead them into the promised land…for far more people we spend many days and hours searching, pushing ourselves, and failing in the pursuit of greatness.

Failure is a product of challenging yourself, of searching, and attempting to accomplish more today than you did yesterday. In this way,  failure is not only required for success, but it actually helps build your successes piece by piece.

Failure should not be seen as some terrible and tragic event in the course of your lifespan, but rather it should be seen as a chance to learn and develop yourself into the person that you are DESTINED to become.


Life is about choices

You can choose to live a small, quiet, and safe life that is devoid of failure and challenge. You can get a steady paycheck, do just enough to keep your friends and family around, surround yourself with material objects and decadence, and you can avoid anything that might be dangerous or risky…but that doesn’t bring you success or happiness: it brings you a life half lived, a life of scarcity, and deathbed  that will be flooded with regrets and sorrows.

You can also choose to live a bold, passionate, and exciting life riddled with challenges, rewards, and happiness. You can push yourself outside of your comfort zone, create a life of independence, give your very best to those around you, surround yourself with love and positivity, and live your life to the fullest each and every single day.

You can choose either of these ways to live your life, or you can chose to walk the middle path somewhere in between the two.

Do you want to live a life that is bland, predictable,safe, and secure…or do you want to live a life of excitement and joy- even if that same life is also riddled with equal parts of fear and failure?

Life must be balanced…so if you seek great experiences (what I would call PEAK experiences), if you want to eat at the greatest restaurants, travel the world, live a life you love, and experience true love and passion… then you must also experience the hard work and difficulty it takes to get these things.

The greater the things you want to experience are, the more pain, failure, and challenge you must be willing to suffer in order to get them.

Think about true love…

Ask any 80 year old couple that’s been married for 50 years and they will probably tell you that the secret to love is hard work.

True love is the creation of years of communication (sometimes painful), sacrifice and compromise, tears and pain, and at times the feeling that the entire universe is unravelling around you.

You don’t get a fairy tale romance unless you are willing to wait out the rough times that come along with it.



Life is a continuous flow of energy…

That means that whatever you put your energy into will inevitably flow throughout your life and affect its outcome.

If you put your energy into hard work, personal growth, and challenge- then the energy will flow towards a better life, towards better things and personal growth; but if  your energy is all placed into keeping things safe, secure, and same- then you will experience things exactly the same.

If you spend your days worrying about what could go wrong and you never get started, then things will never change. If you place your energy into making a plan and getting started, then you will produce changes in your life.

If you want to find bigger and better things in your life later down the road, then you must start investing into the energies that will make tomorrow a better world for you.

That means accepting that failure is part of the process, embracing the process of challenge and sacrifice, and accepting responsibility to make the life that you desire.


Get started on your journey today!


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