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Stop wanting things and start having them instead

Stop wanting things and start having them instead

Can you list at least 10 things that you want?

I bet you can name off a list of things pretty quickly without much extra consideration, but consider this: what if all that “wanting” things is actually stopping you from having them?

What if you thinking about the things that you wish that you had is actually preventing you from ever getting them?



Wanting something isn’t too far off from just wishing that you could have it.

Who doesn’t want to travel the world, own a mansion, drive around in a Bentley, and tell the credit card companies to bug off?

What about the desire to get fit or lose a few pounds? Have you ever wanted to lose little bit of belly fat, tone up, or get jacked? No someone that has been wanting to lose a few pounds for more than just a few years?

One thing is for sure: wanting something doesn’t do anything to actually make it happen for you.

Saying “I want” is too uncertain, it’s too wishful, and it gives you just enough permission to think “Gee, wouldn’t that be nice?”


How our language affects our success.


What you want doesn’t really matter until you start to take the responsibility to actually start creating it in your own life.

That big-screen TV isn’t going to buy itself, that 6 pack stomach isn’t going to appear over-night.

Anything that you could possibly “want” in life needs to be created, not just wanted for.


The power of self belief

The people who get the things that they want in life are the people willing to belief that they will have it. Not that they CAN have it, but that they will have it.

There is a huge difference between saying that you want something, and saying that you WILL have something. Take another step forward and dare to believe that you already have it…then you are just waiting for it to appear.

What would you do if you knew that success was guaranteed?

How much work would you be willing to put into getting the things that you wanted if you knew that you would certainly have those things in the future?

Wishfully wanting will never produce anything of real meaning in your life, no matter how bad you want it.

Telling yourself that you “want” to: be a better spouse, go back to school, make a million dollars, or start a business is never going to change a thing; it is only when you are willing to actually take steps to make them a reality and believe that they are coming that you can reach success.



Wanting comes from a place of deficiency.

Wanting things comes from feeling that you need something else to be happy.

You must realize that everything you NEED to be happy is within you right now.

The desire to change, the discipline, self esteem, confidence, and power to build whatever life you could ever imagine exists within you right now.

The key to realizing every dream that you have, to having everything in life that you want, and to being the exact person that you wish to be is taking responsibility to manifest those things in your own life.

Stop wanting…stop waiting for conditions to be perfect, and stop wishing that things were different; realize that you are enough and everything you need to be successful is already within you.

You might need to work hard for a while, you might have to fail a few times, and you might even have to change who you are, but realize that the potential that sleeps within you right this very second is endless.

Stop wanting, start having. Stop wishing, start becoming.

Stop desiring and start making it happen.



Every single day is either taking you further away from the things you want, or it is creating the things that you want.

If you want to lose 20 pounds, then watching what you eat and going to the gym today is CREATING that.

If you want to make a million dollars, then saving your money, making connections, and starting a business is CREATING that.

If you want a better marriage or relationship, then being more appreciative and aware, reading relationship help books, and taking action to love better today is CREATING that.


You were born to do something great…do it!

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Start creating.

Believe that the things that you want are already yours.

Picture yourself living the life that you know that you SHOULD be living.

Visualize yourself in possession of the things that you desire, don’t be afraid of hard work, and believe not that you CAN make these things happen…but believe that you are making these things happen.

Everything that you could ever want or desire is already yours, you just have to be willing to walk towards them and take them.

Step by step, hour by hour, day by day you can CREATE the things that you deserve.

Stop wanting. Start creating. Believe these things are ALREADY in your possession… and someday they will be.


Stop wanting and start creating, find out how coaching can help you with your goals!

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