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Stop waiting for it to happen and make it happen.

Stop waiting for it to happen and make it happen.

How many times in life have you waited for an opportunity that never came?  When we are young we learn stories about fairy tale princes and princesses who are waiting for some special person or event that will lift a curse and fix them.  Life isn’t necessarily a fairy tale- but it can be- waiting for something to happen is akin to throwing our money into a wishing well and hoping our wishes come true.  Time is the currency of life, the only limit on what we can accomplish is the amount of time we have left, and as we wait for our dreams to come to us, we throw away all of our worth into the fountain.


No one is going to come along and lift your curse from you; no one is going to give you everything you always wanted; it may be harsh, but if keep waiting for your life to start, you are going to die before you accomplish anything.  Patience is a virtue, but we must not spend our whole life waiting for what we want: we must take action and bring meaning to the days we are living now.


Time can be our greatest ally or it can be our worst enemy; it can be the currency that pays for our dreams, or the quiet destroyer of everything we love.  We must realize that nothing in life is guaranteed except for a few simple things: time goes on no matter what, everyone who is currently on this earth will someday die, and time will continue on even after we die.  In relation to the history of the universe, a human life is a tiny and insignificant speck on the map.  If we have so little time, if we are definitely going to run out of time, why not live a life of meaning?  Why shouldn’t we use our time creating an amazing life, rather than waiting for a perfect life to come to us?


We see the waiting mindset all the time when the lottery gets high.  The lottery is just a voluntary tax on the poor and middle class, but as soon as we see a jackpot of 200 million dollars, everyone starts going insane.  People, many times ,create lottery groups and pledge to split the winnings, and some people take out their entire life savings to spend on lottery tickets.  The allure of the 200 million dollar jackpot overrides people’s common sense: people want things, lots of things, but we want things to come to us, we don’t want to go get them.


Tell someone that you have a pill that will make them lose 50 lbs in 2 months and they will give you all the money they have to get it, but tell them to watch what they eat and get active and they give up in defeat.  It usually boils down to one or a combination of a few things: lack of self confidence, fear of failure, laziness, or paradigms that don’t support you.


People don’t usually get “lucky” and become millionaires, and the few who do manage to win the lottery, for the most part, squander away all their money and ruin their lives.  There was a whole show dedicated to what happens to the average person who wins mega millions, and it painted a true picture of what happens when a person with zero discipline gets that much money: 10 cars and a house later they are somehow broke again and filing bankruptcy.

The people who achieve success are the people who are working on it every day, the people who are grinding, the people who are working full time and still finding time to pursue their dreams.  Luck isn’t going to come save you, life isn’t going to give you everything you want unless you start gunning for it.   Stop sitting in agony waiting for your check to come in and get out there and make a living each day, keep growing, keep expanding and learning each and every single day.  Stop waiting for it happen, and make it happen.

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