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Start eating healthier now with the top 5 tips for a better diet instantly.

Start eating healthier now with the top 5 tips for a better diet instantly.
  1. Stop taking in forms of added sugar!


Stop eating foods or drinking drinks with added sugars, and stop adding sugar to the things you eat.  Sugars are just empty calories, they rot your teeth, contribute to weight gain, and spike your blood sugar.  Stop drinking sweet tea, sodas, concentrated fruit juices, pre-made coffee drinks, sweets, and processed foods now!


  1. Increase protein intake!


Start eating more protein dense foods like fish, eggs, chicken, red meat, pork, beans, nuts, legumes, and dairy.  These foods help sustain muscle mass, increase your feeling of fullness and help it last longer, are less likely to be stored on the body as fat, and help prevent blood sugars spikes.


  1. Stop snacking on junk foods!


Everyone knows junk food isn’t good for us, but we keep on eating it anyway.  Junk foods are empty calories, usually high in preservatives and sodium.  Junk foods are usually calorie dense, loaded with highly processed carbohydrates and unhealthy fats like hydrogenated oils.  If you need to snack grab vegetables, fruits, lean meat, nuts, seeds, or a protein bar and stay away from all the junk!


  1. Remove all refined carbohydrates!


Refined carbohydrates are carbohydrates that have been processed and had the natural fiber content removed.  Refined carbohydrates include white rice, white flour, sugar, cornstarch and even concentrated fruit juices.  These carbohydrates are often low in nutrients and they end up spiking your blood sugar levels.  These foods contribute to obesity, diabetes tooth decay, digestive problems, and low energy levels.


  1. Eat more healthy fats!


Eat healthy fats and cut back on unhealthy ones.  Unhealthy fats are soybean oil, vegetable oil, hydrogenated oils, corn oils, and margarine or vegetable spreads.  Use olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, butter, or peanut oils instead.  Also start adding in other healthy sources or fats like fish, nuts and seeds, and avocados.

Health isn’t something that we lose or gain back in a day, but taking small step each day will help you become the healthier version of you.  There are no miracles or secret techniques, just try to eat better and take care of yourself, learn more about your health and how to get healthier.  These 5 quick tips will help you get started, so go ahead…get started!

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