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Redefine yourself and be whatever you want.

Redefine yourself and be whatever you want.

Throughout our lives we are presented with many opportunities that require a high amount of energy output from us, sometimes they require us to rise to an occasion and do something we never thought we could.  These are the times when life presents us with an opportunity so rewarding that we act without thinking too much about the process, instead we just do what we need to.

High pressure situations can sometimes bring out the best in us.  Of course, there are many times that excess pressure makes us break down, but most of us have heard stories of people lifting cars off of loved ones in order to save them from death.  There will be times in everyone’s lives when they are faced with a situation where failure is not an option, and so we act with utmost purpose, utmost care.

We hear stories every day of people who overcome incredible odds, or rise from terrible situations to make huge success.  Cancer survivors who change their lives into miracles, near death survivors who find incredible new passion for life, overweight people who lose hundreds of pounds, or poor kids who grow up and become millionaires.  You can do it too, even without being faced with some major opportunity or life changing event.

We tend to carry around beliefs about ourselves, we carry them around with us like baggage at an airport; they weigh us down, make us heavy and slow, make it hard to react quickly.  The baggage you carry does not define you: you are not your past experiences, you are not the way you speak, you are not a number on a scale or a pant size, you are not the car you drive, and you are not the shy person your friends all say you are… you are whatever you chose to be in this moment.  We can chose to let life define us, we can march along like a monkey on a leash, or we can make a choice to define ourselves.

It is that simple, we see people change for the better everyday, every single day people transform their lives!  People are always learning new skills, doing new things, having new adventures; people are constantly setting new records, building new inventions, exploring uncharted worlds.  Its all around us, just look at the world and you will see it constantly moving.  The plates of the earth shift beneath you even as you read this article. Today we demolish the skyscrapers of yesterday, we throw away the technology of last year, we eat the newest foods and enjoy the newest innovations.  There is a vibrant flow of energy in the bustling masses and you can feel it.

Every time you feel that you can’t do something, know that you can.  Every time you say that this is the way you are, know that its not.  Every time you think you don’t have a certain quality, know that you do.  If you would only chose to throw away your baggage, make a decision to grow, and make the choice to step outside of the limits you have placed on yourself, then you could do whatever you want, you could choose to be whoever and whatever you want in life.

What would you choose, the life of your dreams or the life you are in, the way you want to speak or the way you sound, the way you wish you look or the way you are?  What you are now is not what you have to be, you can redefine yourself at any moment; you don’t need a near death experience or some major challenge to cause you to rise to the occasion, all you need is the desire to live life to its fullest.  The desire to change can save you, the decision to redefine yourself as you want to be and not as the world tells you are, can set you free.  Throw away your luggage, dive into your dreams head first, say to yourself I am a diamond in the rough and soon I will be shining bright.  Its your choice, be your definition of who you are, or accept what the world tells you are; whatever you choose will become your reality.  

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