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Raise your partner’s priority to take your relationship to the next level

Raise your partner’s priority to take your relationship to the next level

If you want to find one sure-fire way to help out your relationship and let your lover know that they are, in fact, loved then you might want to consider making them a priority. Making someone a priority takes vulnerability, it takes a commitment, and it says a lot about where your affections and loyalties lie; if you want to tell someone you really love them or if you want to move a relationship to the next level, nothings says “I love you” like making someone priority #1.


What does it mean to make someone priority #1?

Does making someone a major priority in your life require that you drop everything, including your own desires, in order to please them?


Does making someone a priority mean that every single second of your existence needs to be devoted to their pleasure and making them happy?

Again, No.

All that making someone a priority means, is that you put them in your thoughts as number one (or at least high up on the list). Meaning…when a new thought enters your mind, they pop up in that thought shortly after, and that helps you decide what to do next.



Making someone a priority means that for each new thing that happens, you ask yourself how does “_____” fit into this.

Think about it this way…if Jenny is seeing Mark, and Mark wants to make Jenny feel more loved and valued, then he should learn to make Jenny a priority; that means when Mark’s friend invites him out for a weekend get away to his cabin, Mark should consider if Jenny would want to go, how she would feel about it, and if Jenny already made any plans.

Making someone a priority can be as simple as asking them before you make a decision, it can involve small tasks that might seem annoying to you (like putting the seat down or not talking during the big football game), and it can even involve sacrificing things that you really want because it better for your lover.

Making someone a priority shows commitment, it takes patience, vulnerability, and a little bit of subservience; making your partner a bigger priority in your life can be an excellent way to determine their feelings and how committed and invested they actually are in your relationship.

Men don’t usually care too much about being a priority, at least on the surface it’s not too big of a concern of ours, but dude’s, if you have ever been a top priority for a great woman, then there are few things as sweet as this in life. When a good woman makes you a top priority it means you get catered to like a king, you get favors whenever you want, and you get someone to stand beside you through all of life’s trials and difficulties- and she will still look at you like a champion.

The trick is this: in order to get a woman to treat you like this, you are going to have to treat her the same way. You have to place her on a throne sometimes, make sacrifices, and cater to her in every way that you can.

And ladies, it might be hard to rope a guy you like into more commitment, but many times the trick is simply treating him like a king and making him a big priority in your life. By treating a man like the man you want him to be (rather than berating him for all that he isn’t), you will stir a desire in him to become that man. Cater to him, make him feel respected and manly, treat him like a king and put him above everything (or almost everything) else: do these things and he will surely be yours.



The fine print…

Unfortunately making someone you just met a priority isn’t going to do much in the way of creating attraction or increasing commitment. In fact, making someone into a huge priority when you just met will likely have kind of the opposite effect: it will probably scare them away.

Think of a relationship as a test run at a new investment opportunity.

You wouldn’t just walk into a poker game, place all of your life savings on the table, and ask the dealer to deal, so why would you invest so much and make someone you don’t know or just met a top priority in your life?

When you are in a new relationship or dating new people, keep in mind that relationships are like huge investments of your time, energy, and effort; you shouldn’t just dive in head first and make this person the center of your attention, you should take it slow, let them earn your trust, and as they begin to make you a priority you should do the same (if you two are compatible).


So if you have been seeing someone for a while and you are ready to take your relationship to that next level…

You don’t have to have some awkwardly forced conversation about what you are calling each other, just start making that person a bigger priority in your life and see how they respond; if they open up and put you hire on their list, then it’s all good, but if they keep acting the same way towards you or neglecting to make you a bigger priority,  then you might need to have a talk or move on.

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