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Positive paradigms- Abundance mentality

Positive paradigms- Abundance mentality

Imagine a world where everything you gave away came back to you, and sometimes doubled.  If you committed to giving away help, advice, money, and time to others, everything you put into the world would come back to you multiplied exponentially.


Welcome to a world of a abundance. In a world of abundance we can give freely, love fully, and help others in need, because we know eventually everything will come back around.


Many of us live life like a starving person.


We hold on tightly to love and affection afraid to give it to others who will lie or mistreat us. We cling onto money, opportunities, and our egos because we are afraid of anything that might take these things away from us.


If you had 5 dollars and you believed that it was the last 5 dollars you would ever own, you would be hard pressed to loan it out to someone else in need, and so for those of us who believe that opportunity is limited, we hold on tight to what we have.


Most people who are poor are forced to live paycheck to paycheck live with a strong grip on their money. Losing 100$ might be the difference between paying rent and getting evicted, but people with excess often create more excess by using their extra money to invest in new opportunites.


If we believe that the job we have is the only job we can ever get, we may cherish it more, but we will often be too afraid to leave it for another opportunity. Our fear of losing what we have may paralyze at a time when we could make greater gains in our position in life.


Abundance; however, is not always beneficial and at times can be detrimental, but in many situations a mindset of abundance is a prerequisite for success. If you want to start a business, if you want to capture an opportunity, if you are working hard for a dream, it is powerful to have the belief behind you that even if you fail, it’s not the end: that more opportunity will come.


So sets your sights on what you want and work as if it’s your only shot, treat your dreams as if anything less than perfection is useless, but when you fail, know that more opportunities will arise, know that even if things aren’t working out as planned, something else is right around the corner.


Cherish what you have and don’t let it go to waste, but don’t ever hold so tightly to what you have that you forgo a better opportunity.


Part of the vitality of life comes from change, uncertainty, and growth; and without risk, we never gain, without failure we never learn, without vulnerability we can’t love. Don’t hold on so tightly to what you have in life that you miss your opportunity for something even greater.


Know that truly living involves continuously becoming better, searching more more, and giving away help and assistance to others. Know that something greater is right around the corner: this is the mindset of abundance.

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