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How to use your fear to find your passion

There is a good chance that everything that you have ever wanted is on the other side of what you are afraid of. Think about it… Do you ever wish you could do something else for a career? Do you ever think that maybe there is something greater out there for you? Or do you have some secret desire for something that you never get around to doing? We all have a little voice that lives inside of us- some little calling for more ringing out within our soul, but we usually let “being realistic” or “being conservative” dictate the way that we live our lives. If you are taking the easy way instead of the exciting way, if you aren’t living up to your full potential, if you are overweight or out of shape, or if your life is not exactly what you want or heading towards it, then there is a good chance that fear is at least partially dictating the way that you are living your life. If you want to find your true potential and live a life truly alive with passion and purpose, then you must learn to walk towards the things that you are afraid of;  it is often the scariest times in our lives that lead us closer to our living a life filled with passion.   Case study into fear: Steve Jobs Anyone who has ever watched Jobs (the movie) or read anything about Steve Jobs knows that things weren’t always easy and comfortable for Steve. The perfect example of the hard times that Jobs went through to start Apple comes... read more

How to find the right work and life balance

So of course everyone’s real goal is to create a way of making a living that doesn’t feel like work at all, but even then, how does one balance the demands of life with the demands of work and passion? As I write this post I am sitting in a hotel room in Istanbul. I could literally be doing any number of things right now other than writing, and yet I still have to write it…Why?   Finding a work/life balance… Everyone must come a point where they decide what standards they will live by. They either choose their beliefs or they adopt beliefs based off of the expectations and the conditioning of others. For example: when you decide you want to quit your cushy corporate job and become a pizza maker most everyone will call you crazy…eager to be accepted by others you might decide to continue the corporate job even though it isn’t what YOU want. (your beliefs about life are chosen for you in this example). So assuming that you actually take the time to consider what you want your life to be like, and then you actually do something that you love then there is still another issue that you are faced with… Where do you draw the line? If you truly love what you are doing it can be very difficult at times to maintain other important things in your life. Maybe your dedication to work makes it hard to visit with friends, maybe your dedication to your fitness makes it difficult to indulge in junk food and drinking with friends, maybe your dedication... read more

What gives life meaning?

It is easy to assume that something as complex as a human life must have a purpose. Since our times as children we have found ourselves questioning “why” things happen the way they do so It isn’t hard to imagine that perhaps the first thought ever conceived by man was “why am I here?”. Purpose or meaning actually don’t matter at all until the I is introduced into the equation: it is kind of like the tree that falls in the forest while no one is around to hear it…The whole idea of life needing a purpose is a creation of the mind, without the mind life doesn’t need a purpose. Meaning is a concept of the mind, and so before there was consciousness there was no meaning. So what gives life meaning (aside from consciousness)?     Belief in a higher power (religion) If a carrot is harvested so that you can eat it, then the carrot’s purpose was to sustain you; and if an animal is killed so that you can live, then the animal’s purpose was to keep you alive; with these ideas in mind, it isn’t difficult to see why people might have imagined that there is something bigger than us in the universe. If the world is serving us, then perhaps there is something beyond ourselves that we can also serve. For thousands of years people have dealt with the enormity of existence by using religion to give meaning and purpose to their lives. It makes sense: by believing that we are nothing but cogs in a machine, we free ourselves to perform our... read more

How to hard-wire your mind for success

Success doesn’t usually come naturally to us; sure, we might start out with high hopes and goals, but everyone eventually hits roadblocks and obstacles in life. We live in a negative world, where haters run freely, internet trolls torment us with negativity, and even your own friends and family will be quick to tell you that you are crazy for following your dreams. Success is created in baby steps; creating a mind that sees nothing but success takes either a special upbringing or a sort of self brainwashing. The truth is: everywhere you look in life you can see success or failure; you can look at a new start-up and see that they failed to hit their 40 million revenue year goal, or you can say they have a lot of upside potential for growth next year. If you want to wire for your mind for success, it takes some simple steps and a simple choice. So make your decision today…do you want a life of success or a life of failure? “You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”-Will Smith (Pursuit of Happiness)     Figure out what “success” means to you The first step in wiring your mind for success is to figure out what success means to you. We live in a world where success could mean anything; it could mean financial success, freedom, a better family life, raising your kids right, or even getting promoted at your job. What does success mean to you,... read more

5 vital things every entrepreneur must know

Entrepreneurship is about being a person who can organize and manage any new enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk; while being an entrepreneur is risky, many people who choose to entrepreneurship end up finding major success and they end up creating careers that follow their passions; many of them end up blazing completely new trails through society. Being an entrepreneur may be scary, but it can also be very rewarding for those brave enough to tackle the challenge. When I look back at the past year at MakeYourBestSelf it is kind of a blur. Things have happened quickly and gone well at times, and there have been MANY times where I just wanted to give up and throw in the towel. If you have the notion that you are just going to start a business and experience overnight success or get millions of dollars in an instant, then there is a 99.99% chance that you will end up quitting long before those things ever happen. Before you jump into becoming an entrepreneur, I recommend you read this post.   You will need a plan- and hopefully a good one A lot of people think that it takes millions of dollars to start a business or be successful, but the truth is, success can be had only with a great plan and a lot hard work. Some business need high amounts of capital to get started: restaurant’s, physical businesses (think distribution), or labor jobs that require lots of equipment all will require a lot of money up front to get started, but other businesses models like consulting,... read more

Just one more rep: your growth might just be one step away

How many times have you worked super hard for something just to give up at the very end? How many times have you been on the precipice of success, but just couldn’t get that final bit of lift to finally get on your feet and stand on top of your accomplishment? In life it is often when things are the toughest, when things become unbearable, and when the sky looks darkest that it is almost time for the sunrise in the land of your suffering.   The man who stopped just feet short of gold… There is a famous story about a man who was digging for gold; different versions of the story exist, but one of my favorites is the version told by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. As the story goes: there is a man who finds some land with quite a bit of gold thought to be in it; so he borrows money from his friends and family and takes the risk to try and mine the gold from his land. He spends everything he has so he can get the right machinery and start mining for gold. Based off of his calculations, he should strike gold within a couple weeks…but after several months there is still no gold and he quits digging. He tries to recoup some of his losses by selling the machinery he purchased and the land that he owned, but he gets much less than he paid for it. The guy who buys the machinery hires a professional gold prospector and they determine that the gold vein is just several... read more

10 things you must know before you decide to follow your dreams

Dreams are real places, but they can also turn into nightmares if you aren’t careful. Sometimes dreams are small and they come easily, and sometimes they take years-even decades- of work. One thing is for sure, there are plenty of dreamers out there, people just like you and me who want to do something big with their life, maybe they have a plan, maybe they are too afraid, maybe they are trying to make it happen; but no matter where you are in your journey, there are a few things you should know about chasing your dreams before you actually start chasing your dreams.   You need a plan Trying to achieve a dream without a plan is a lot like loading a ship with 10 tons of dynamite, turning on the engine, and letting it go out into the sea without a captain or a crew to guide it to where you want it to go. Effort is huge part of the equation and of course getting started is important, but before you try to make a dream come true you need to make a plan. If your plan is to quit everything, sell your possessions, move to L.A., and live out of your car until you make it as an actor, that’s kind of crazy, but it is a plan, and it might just be crazy enough to work. Just realize you aren’t going to get anywhere without some directed action, and directed action requires a plan- even if it’s a crazy one, just think it through first before you start.   It probably won’t be easy... read more

What I learned from losing my book at the airport, you might be surprised!

When is the last time something in your life went wrong? You know, some minor thing that put a bump into your day’s plans and ruined your mood. These things happen to us day in and day out if you watch for them, we forget our keys at our desk and have to go all the way back to the office to get them, we forget to take out the trash and have to let it pile up for another week in the garage, or someone takes our parking spot and we have to walk and extra block to get home. These things happen to us daily, and if it isn’t one minor catastrophe, then it is probably another; but we tend to forget that these things don’t usually matter much in the scheme of our lives even when we focus on them as the end of the world. How many times do we allow little inconveniences and circumstances that are outside of our control to dictate our moods and dampen our spirits? I’ll even tell you what happened to me today at the airport and you can see if it sounds at all familiar… I’m back on American soil today! #usa #wasinturkeyforawhilebutimnotturkish #success — (@MakeYourBstSelf) November 20, 2015 I left my book on the plane during my connection flight A few weeks ago I was on the plane coming back from Istanbul and I had a short layover in Amsterdam. Our plane was late due to weather and I was in a rush to make it to the next flight. I was reading a book at the... read more

When things just fall into place

99% of the time when you are working towards a goal it’s a grind. Day in and day out you wake up to the same struggle; you are forced to make the same sacrifices over and over again, you look at yourself in the mirror each day and face the somber reality that failure IS an option and if you don’t work hard enough it may be what happens. Working towards your dreams can be soul-wrenching, difficult, and at times it may look like everything in the universe is poised against you. The high probability of low probability events states that there are an infinite number of low probability events that could happen at each moment. It may not be likely that you will go out today and turn the key in your car ignition for your car not to start…but with all the car accidents, health problems, deaths, business calamities, inter-personal catastrophes, fights, and other troubles in the world… there is a VERY good chance that something bad is going to happen to you everyday. Not everything that happens will be bad though… although we may have small trials that we face every single day there are also small victories, and then every once and while something GREAT will happen.   Sometimes great things that you didn’t plan for happen  Maybe you get a great job offer, you make a huge sale, you inherit some money, you make a great investment, or you meet the love of your life…and suddenly everything just falls into place for a while. When good things happen to us it tunes our minds... read more

How consumerism is killing you: and the radical alternative that could save your life

When it comes to productivity, most people could stand to become more productive and efficient with their time, yet as a culture, America has gone so far down the wrong path towards getting things done. Why is it today, in the advanced stages of our technology that we work longer hours than ever before? Way back in the 1930s, respected economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that, because of the astounding progress of technology, that the work week would someday be reduced to just 15 hours per week. Other great thinkers of his time followed suit and supported this view, and yet America recently clocked in with a staggering 46.7 hour work week in 2014. What happened to John Keynes predictions that we would soon be burdened with the task of finding what to do with so much more spare time? Did technology fail us, or just maybe… did we fail ourselves? Why do workers in countries like Germany work almost 400 hours less per year than American workers, yet still celebrate the world’s 4th largest economy? Is all the pressure of the American culture to stay on top, lead the pack, and be number 1 causing us to falter, or is there something much deeper and darker at work in our daily lives? In a country where you are assigned a number at birth, plugged into the tax system, and expected to purchase more than everyone else around you in order to determine your own self worth, is it any wonder that we often sacrifice our own lives and happiness to make something of ourselves?   Consumerism as a... read more



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