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Meet Jenna

Meet Jenna

Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to be joining the Make Your Best Self team. I will be contributing regularly and I hope to provide you with great content. Much of what I will contribute will be nutrition related; things like recipes and nutrition tips. Over at my website,, I share regular nutritious recipes I have adapted. I truly love creating moments with food, be it entertaining for a group or just my boyfriend and I. Eating nutritiously is a lifestyle after all, and I want to help you make that fun and exciting. You can learn more about me and my background over here.

Because so much of Make Your Best Self is about strengthening our minds, I will also touch upon mental fitness and discuss topics that I hope will inspire you to be your best self. It can’t all be light-hearted and delicious. I know as well as anyone, that mental attitude and our current thought processes play a huge role in our diet and relationship with food. For many of us, we discuss our current diet with others while internalizing the emotional struggles we are facing.

I encourage you to join in on the conversation. Your thoughts may be just the thing to inspire someone else!

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