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Living life with abundance- The art of taking calculated risks to get ahead.

Living life with abundance- The art of taking calculated risks to get ahead.

Can I borrow 10,000 dollars from you if I promise to pay you back 15,000 over the next two years?


Depending upon a variety of issues, you may see my offer as a great investment or an overwhelming risk.  I would hope since you don’t know anything about me, you would at least take the time to find out who I am, check my credit score, and take a look at what defines me as a person, but character aside, lets just take a look at the risk versus the reward.


If you knew for sure that I would pay you back, you would give the money in a heartbeat, after all, where else can you get a guaranteed 50% return on your investment in 2 years? The problem comes in when we take a look at the risk of losing our money, or of possibly not getting it all back.  There are two clear ways to view my offer: abundance, or scarcity.


Scarcity is the way most of us live our lives.  We are afraid to take risks, invest money, or start businesses, because we are too afraid that if we lose the little we have we will never have anything again.  Scarcity is the mindset that if we have X amount of something and if we give it away, we won’t ever get it back.  Scarcity says if I have 10,000 in savings I must hold onto that money with all of my might!


Abundance is the way most successful people live their lives.  They are still selective and they choose good opportunities, but when they are presented with great opportunities with attached risk, they aren’t afraid to take the risks.  They know even if they lose what they have, they can get more.  People who live lives of abundance aren’t afraid to lose in order to win.  They aren’t afraid to take the risks that most people are too afraid to take a chance on.


Lets take a look at just a few of the famous failures who lost everything and came back even stronger.


Donald Trump


Donald Trump was about 900 million dollars in personal debt in the early 90s, and by the mid 90s, he had pretty much cleared his personal debts and his businesses began flourishing again.  After amassing such a large personal debt from his businesses, he learned to protect his personal wealth and keep it separate from his business.  His company has filed bankruptcy 4 times, yet Trump is one of the wealthiest people in the world with assets estimated to be over 2 billion dollars.  Most of us would crumble and break under 900 million dollars of personal debt, but Trump not only paid back his debts, but continued to gain wealth later on in life.  He didn’t let the fear of losing everything stop him from taking a life at his life and business and restructuring things so that he could maintain his success.


Katy Perry


Perry got signed to 3 record labels before she ever achieved her current levels of success.  She reported that the labels she had signed with had a clear idea in mind of how they would like her to appear and behave.  Her idea of who she wanted to be as an artist differed greatly.  She was dropped by Columbia records while over 75% of her first album already recorded.  Katie went from waiting tables, and several musical failures into one of the biggest pop stars in the world.  Katie wasn’t afraid to turn down a great opportunity with a record label in favor of sticking with her vision.  She walked away from a great opportunity because she believed even greater success was around the corner.


Henry Ford


It is reported that Henry Ford had 5 failed businesses before finally reaching success in the “horseless carriage” market.  Despite hitting bottom multiple times, he kept his eyes on success and realized that more opportunity would come to him.  Even when his engineers and designers preached the impossibility of an 8 cylinder V shaped engine, he kept pushing on risking his reputation and his business on his dream.

The list of these types of stories could continue on forever.  There are countless people who have tried to do something, failed miserably, and then achieved huge levels of success later on.  First they didn’t give up, and second they believed that there was still more waiting for them ahead.  If you don’t succeed, believe that there is another even greater opportunity still lying ahead of you.  Don’t be afraid to risk what you have to get more, unless you are ok staying exactly where you are for ther rest of your life.

If you lose all of your money or even if you have none, if you feel there are no jobs and can’t get one, believe that what you desire is coming to you.  Understand that the biggest successes usually come right after the biggest failures and defeats.  So take risks, don’t be afraid to fail, and understand that there is more opportunity for you.  There will be more: money, chances, people, places, and things.  Your life is limitless and anything you lose can be quickly replaced.

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