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How your morning routine is killing your productivity.

How your morning routine is killing your productivity.

Morning routines are a highly influential part of your day; starting off your day with absent minded time wasting like Facebook or Instagram, television, or Youtube can create momentum that sucks the value out of your entire day.  It is important to start out your day with the idea of getting things done in mind; crossing one thing off of your to do list has a way of motivating you to get your other chores crossed off as well.  Your morning routine is often the keystone that you build the rest of your day off of, so its important to have a morning routine that creates a foundation of success.  Starting out a day with no direction will often take you in no specific direction, while a day that begins with purpose will often lead you into productivity.


Some things that make up a great morning routine could include: exercise, a healthy breakfast, self improvement reading, running errands, making a daily schedule, cleaning, or getting a big task done.  When we get something done first thing in the morning our mind rewards us with dopamine- and dopamine makes us feel good!  Our brains will experience the high of accomplishment and we will often eagerly start seeking out other forms of accomplishment to follow.


Some of things that we should avoid first thing in the morning include: facebook, twitter, instagram, news (unless you need this for your career), television, youtube, pinterest, surfing the web, or playing games.  Usually, as a rule of thumb,  anything electronic is a dangerous distraction in the morning hours, we have all watched time fly through our fingers while watching videos on youtube or checking our newsfeed on facebook.  Electronics and information like the internet have advanced mankind to new heights of achievement, but if we aren’t careful our greatest tool will become our greatest downfall.  Electronics can easily cause over stimulation, and contrary to popular opinion, multitasking is an ineffective way of going about a task.  Spending the morning swiping, liking, watching, or reading useless information can greatly inhibit our ability to focus for the entire day.


Choose to start your routine with one of the positive habits listed above and avoid the negative ones.  There is always a time for self rewards in our days, things like checking Facebook or watching Youtube have their place, but they should be indulged in only AFTER we complete required daily tasks.  Set up keystone tasks- tasks that must be completed BEFORE other tasks get started- keystone tasks should always add value and productivity to your day.  Keystone tasks should always improve you or make you feel accomplished about your day.  Often keystone tasks are the things that we put off or procrastinate because we don’t perceive them as fun, but they are almost always one of the things that we really NEED to get done for the day.


The first step in an effective day is an effective morning routine.  By planning our most important and rewarding tasks early in the morning we create momentum that will follow us into the day.  An attitude of getting things done and achieving goals is far more favorable than being stuck in a state of self indulgence.  A little bit of discipline first thing in the morning can go a long way in making your day into the kind of day you wish you had.

Start out your days with purpose, nail key tasks and goals right away, start out with something that betters you or your position each day.  Try not to avoid the things that seem the hardest: we should actually do these tasks first while our attention and energy is at its highest.  Your mornings are like a rollercoaster, if you up climb early on you can often ride the momentum throughout the entire day.  So get up, up, up, and get rolling.

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