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How two words can save a relationship: the power of saying thank you.

How two words can save a relationship: the power of saying thank you.

Committing to saying two words at every chance can literally save your relationship.  Of course its going to take hard work, love, and patience too, but its true that two little words can be the bridge back to a relationship you enjoy.  Relationships, like life, move in cycles: there are cycles of pain and growth, times of joy and sorrow, times of appreciation, and times of resentment.  When things get rough, its going to take at least one person willing to make amends and end the cycle.


The one person standing silent, can be much more striking than the masses of talking heads, be the one who humbles themselves, if you love this person, tell them thank you for being mine, thank you for choosing me, thank you for all you have and still do for me each day.  Those two words can save a relationship in troubled water, just say “thank you”.


In relationships we often grow accustomed to the way things are, and the qualities that used to draw us closer, eventually become unappreciated and resentment can build up.  Nothing is worse than taking your time to do something nice for someone, when they don’t even notice what you have done.  Just the words “thank you” can make you happier, feel more appreciated, and more fulfilled.


The words thank you can be powerful, they can be revolutionary, they can completely change the direction of a moment.  


You should say thank you because…


You love this person, they try to please you, they chose you out of an entire world and have done their best to love and accept you.  Maybe they haven’t been perfect, but hey, have you?


You should say “thank you” for yourself, because saying thank you, makes you realize every time someone does something for you.  You should look for every opportunity to say thank you that you can, because the more you say thank you, the more you will appreciate every little moment and gesture, every kiss and hug.


You should say thank you for others, because you care about them, because hearing thank you often makes it all worth it.  Just knowing all the work you put in is recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated can make all the difference in how you feel about what you have done.


Once resentment builds up, once your partner feels they aren’t getting through to you, they are going to start walling off their heart and shutting down.  They will withdraw their feelings, because they have been hurt, and a hand burned almost always recoils.  If they start withdrawing, and you start withdrawing in return, your connection shuts down.  Without the connection and love flowing freely and evenly between the two of you, you start feeling trapped.  Suddenly you are stuck in a commitment that makes you unhappy instead of being engaged in an awesome experience.  We all know what happens when you feel trapped, you start getting angry, and you start looking to change things.


If you find yourself in this place teetering on the edge of ending it all for lack of a better option, just try saying thank you instead.  When your lover comes home, tell them thank you for sharing their life with you.  When they say a kind word or give you affection, say thank you.  When they get frustrated and walk away from you, say thank you for trying to listen.  If you say thank you more often, this person will begin to feel appreciated and understood, and they will slowly let their guard down.  They will slowly start investing in the relationship between the two of you again, and they will often put their heart back in it.

It depends on how bad things get, and there are a lot of variables that can affect how saying thank will affect things, but if you commit to saying thank you for everything you possibly can, things should start getting better.  By letting them know how special they are to you, and how much their actions mean to you, they will start appreciating you more in return.  It only takes one person willing to do the work, but you can’t become discouraged, even if your thank yous are meant with “yeah right” or *grumbles.  Stay persistent, say thank you, let them know how much they mean to you, and if they still have room for you in their heart, they will let you back in over time.

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