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How to meal prep. (Save time, money, and be healthier)

How to meal prep. (Save time, money, and be healthier)

This video covers my weekly meal prep.

Each week I go out and get my groceries for the week.  I plan several different protein sources: these could be fish, beef, poultry, tofu, beans or whatever you prefer.  I also plan a serving of vegetables and a serving of carbohydrates.  I recommend healthy carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, or other whole grains.

I cook all of my food and distribute the servings into tupperware so each time I eat a meal all I need to do is take it out of the fridge, heat it, and eat it!

You’ll save time and money, eat better, and feel accomplished each time to get your cooking done for the week.  Combine 2 or 3 quality meals each day with some good snacks and you’ll have your cooking done for the entire week.  Enjoy the video, and if you like what you see please take the time to share it with your friends!

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