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How to make yourself into a morning person

How to make yourself into a morning person

Morning people are so cheery on Monday morning that it can almost make you sick, but you don’t have to hit the snooze button on these people; you can learn a lot from those special people that face each new day with vigor.

What makes morning people become morning people, and what makes you so different anyway? Morning people usually aren’t born that way, they are bred; morning people just live their lives a certain way that promotes them functioning better and more optimally in the AM.

There are some benefits to being a morning person including: your body is made for mornings and waking up early with the sunrise helps your body stay in sync with its natural sleep cycle, you get a head start on the day to get more things done, and generally waking up early and feeling good will cause you to feel more productive and excited about the day.

So want to hop out of bed each day, get stuff done, move with grace, and be one of those fabled morning people? You can do it too if you follow this step by step article on how to become a morning person, and it might take a little bit of work, but you too can be one of the chosen few.


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1. Change your mindset (find your passion)

The first step to becoming a morning person involves changing your mindset. If you truly want to wake up with passion for the day, then you need to find something to be passionate about. If you have no reason to get up out of the bed, and if you have nothing to be excited about then it will be tough to fight the urge to snooze the entire day away. Get in touch with your purpose and then you will have a reason to wake up, even if you don’t feel like it.

Realize that people who get up early, often have a deep sense of purpose, and they create good habits of productivity and efficiency in their days; these same people often end up being more successful and happier people in general because they push themselves and get more done in life. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful as a night owl, but generally speaking, waking up early gives you extra energy to face the day.


2. Stop negative habits

  • Habits are the real cause for why people can’t wake up and face the day with vigor. Some of the negative habits that cause night-owls to become night owls include:
  • Staying up too late- If you stay up late it’s going to be taught to hop out of bed bright and early
  • Not going to bed at a set time- If you go to bed at different times each night, it makes it much more difficult for your body to get into a normal routine.
  • Doing too much before bed- Things like checking emails, watching scary movies, exercising, or even talking on the phone right before bedtime can cause you to have troubles slowing down and falling asleep
  • Not figuring out what you need to get done- If you go to bed with nothing on your mind about what you need to do the next day, you won’t have any reason to get up.
  • Drinking coffee too late in the day- Caffeine takes up to 6 hours for your body to break down completely, so taking in coffee too late in the day can cause troubles sleeping

Stopping these types of habits and replacing them with habits that encourage you to get to bed early and get a good night’s rest will encourage you to wake up in the morning. Habit is truly the key if you want to change; aim to change the habits in your life and you will start changing too.

Don't just lay there, get up! There is so much to be done.

Don’t just lay there, get up! There is so much to be done.

3. Form the habits of the morning person

Habits are the key to becoming that person who hops out of bed each morning and gets into their day with excitement. A lot of it has to do with just getting enough quality sleep, but factors like motivation, goal setting, and the things you do before bed can also make an impact. Create the habits listed below in your own life and you’ll be on your way to better morning in a week or less.

  • Set a time to go to bed each night and stick to it no matter what- Setting a time each night to hit the hay will help your body get into a regular routine: this will help you sleep better over time. Setting up a routine will also encourage you go to bed at the right time each night so you won’t be too groggy to get out of the bed in the morning. Want more ways to get a better night’s sleep? Click the link!
  • Slow down before bedtime (at least 1 hour)- At least 1 hour before your set bedtime slow down and do something relaxing. Avoid things that are strenuous or stressful and instead opt to do things like reading, meditation, some light planning, or just some reflecting on your day.
  • Don’t drink coffee or caffeine 5 hours before bedtime.- If you set your bedtime for 11pm, no coffee after 6pm; coffee and caffeine will do nothing but ensure that your heart is still racing as you try to sleep, so cut it out no less than 5 hours before you lay down.
  • Create a daily schedule and set some goals for each day- Part of the reason we don’t feel like getting out of bed is because there is nothing exciting going on in our day. If there is nothing to do, why would we want to get up? Try setting some simple goals, try making a daily schedule, and plan out your day. If you wake up with things on your mind to get done, you will have more motivation to get out of bed.
  • Hop out of bed, don’t lay there- Even if you are tired, even if you really don’t want to get up in the morning, force yourself to just hop out. If you literally force yourself to jump out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, not only will your energy level spike up, but it will set a precedent in your mind: morning is time to get going.
  • Inflict self punishment when you make bad choices- If you are trying to become a morning person, it is important to hold yourself accountable to change your bad habits and create better ones; if you decide to neglect going to bed on time, don’t sleep in to make up for it, but instead force yourself to get up and and be tired all day; by punishing yourself for bad behavior and forcing yourself to just be tried or miserable all day, you will start holding yourself more accountable to make the right choices each night and day.
  • Do something important each morning- Each morning you wake up, make sure and get something done. If you already made a plan for what you need to do, it shouldn’t be hard to just get up and do it, so get up and do it. Getting something done first thing sets the precedent that morning is time to work and it creates the habit of getting up and getting going first thing.

All of these habits can help you make yourself into a morning person. Change your mindset, stop bad habits, and set up the positive habits that I have listed above and you too can face the day with vigor. If you truly want to become a morning person, it is important to start acting like one, because chances are you aren’t just going to wake up and be a morning person one day unless you start changing your habits.

We often hate mornings due to a lack of motivation, a lack of purpose, and because we stay up too late, or get a poor nights sleep the night before. Set up the right habits and mornings are easy.

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