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How to keep faith, even in difficult times.

How to keep faith, even in difficult times.

When times are easy, its not difficult to imagine that life will go exactly the way we planned, but when times grow grim, its much harder to hold onto the faith that we have cultivated within ourselves.  Faith often has a way of dwindling into hope, then doubt, and finally despair, when disaster strikes: the more difficult our perceived trials and tribulations the more we often question our path in life.  So how do create a plan to deal with adversity and challenge and still ensure that we stay true to the dreams that live within us?


Know that you are not alone.


Part of finding encouragement when difficult times come, is knowing that difficult times will come.  Know that you are not alone and that everyone who has ever been successful has had to deal with difficult times as well.  Donald Trump was in HUGE debt before he ever made his first million, Steve Jobs once begged for investors to put money into apple computers, Katy Perry was cut from 3 major record companies for not following their orders.  Everyone who experiences major success first experiences major setbacks. The bigger the failures, the more painful the defeats, the more rewarding and powerful the victory will be.


Prepare yourself for adversity- Become anti-fragile.


If you knew a tornado would strike your home in exactly 1 year what would you do?  Would you enjoy the time you had left, would you sell your house and move away, or would you begin the process of making your home ready to survive the storm?  Becoming anti fragile means preparing yourself for difficulty in advance so that you are better suited to meet hard times head on with strength.  Becoming anti fragile requires knowing that difficulty is coming, but instead of burying your head, you dig in and start figuring out ways to beat the challenges ahead.  Know that challenge awaits you, figure out what could go wrong, and start preparing yourself mentally, physically, and financially to meet these challenges with confidence.  Becoming anti fragile means not only dealing with adversity, but challenges from life actually motivate you and makes you stronger.


If all else fails, believe in something.


If everything around you is falling apart despite your best efforts to hold things together it helps to believe in something beyond you.  You can believe in destiny, God, the universe, or simply that their is a plan for your life that is beyond you.  It is good practice to maintain control and responsibility for your life, because believing that life is under your control enables you to act and make changes, but in the times that things happen that are completely outside of our control: when everything is being ripped apart right before your eyes, believing that everything will work out can allow you to let go and ride out what’s left of the experience.  When things happen that are truly beyond our control or that we hadn’t prepared for, having faith in something beyond us can allow us to relax, to breathe again, and trust that even if its not how we planned things, that they will work out somehow for the better.  Life will go on and even if we can’t see it now, we must learn to believe these challenges will somehow shape us into the person we are meant to become.


Faith is not inherit, it is cultivated, and the more times we watch ourselves hop over life’s hurdles, the more confidence we gain in the ability of ourselves to overcome adversity.  It certainly won’t be easy, but just remember, life is going to continue on, with or without you…so its best to just take what we get and try to make the best of it.


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