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How to hard-wire your mind for success

How to hard-wire your mind for success

Success doesn’t usually come naturally to us; sure, we might start out with high hopes and goals, but everyone eventually hits roadblocks and obstacles in life. We live in a negative world, where haters run freely, internet trolls torment us with negativity, and even your own friends and family will be quick to tell you that you are crazy for following your dreams.

Success is created in baby steps; creating a mind that sees nothing but success takes either a special upbringing or a sort of self brainwashing. The truth is: everywhere you look in life you can see success or failure; you can look at a new start-up and see that they failed to hit their 40 million revenue year goal, or you can say they have a lot of upside potential for growth next year. If you want to wire for your mind for success, it takes some simple steps and a simple choice. So make your decision today…do you want a life of success or a life of failure?

“You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”-Will Smith (Pursuit of Happiness)



Figure out what “success” means to you

The first step in wiring your mind for success is to figure out what success means to you. We live in a world where success could mean anything; it could mean financial success, freedom, a better family life, raising your kids right, or even getting promoted at your job. What does success mean to you, what things matter most in your own life?

Try this: imagine that you were once a spirit out in the universe and a higher power asked you to choose a person to be born as; you looked at earth and found your parents and at that moment imagine that you chose to be born as you, because this life would give you all the experiences you needed to be exactly who you wanted to be.

What is does the very best version of you look like? What is your highest and most amazing potential? Answer these questions and you will know what success is to you.


Remove negativity and negative thinking

The next step in hot wiring your brain so you can drive off into your dream life is removing all of those little negative voices, people, situations, and thoughts. Your mind is filled with voices if you listen hard enough: voices of people we have known, voices of our teachers and parents, and voices of our past failures; all of them call to us every time we think about doing something or come up with a new idea in life. Most of our minds filter new thoughts through our ideas of “possibility”: we think to ourselves “I want to do ______.”, and right after that thought comes the negative voices of others.

You can remove negative inner voices by fighting back with them; the next time you think something negative or self limiting, try telling yourself to shut up, because you are going to do it anyway. Tell yourself that failure is not an option and that as long as you don’t quit, you’ll get what you are after. Remind yourself that fear is just a lie your mind created to keep you where you are.

Remove negative people and influences by refusing to be around people who criticize you or try to put you down. If you must interact with negative people then keep your dreams to yourself, don’t put them out there for them to criticize. Stop watching T.V. or reading books filled with negative comments and images, and stop watching the news (it’s filled with sad and negative stories).

You can’t make the world a happy and perfect place, but you can refuse to accept the negative view of life that others have tried to feed you…in this way you can make YOUR world a happy and positive place.


Find your motivation and light it

Next build your fire of motivation and torch it. You know what success looks like now, so start setting goals to challenge yourself. Offer yourself rewards for getting closer to your goals. Remind yourself of your potential, think about how great it will feel to be a success, and really try to imagine what it would be like to be that person. Let go of regret, fear, and shame, and realize that everything you need to be a success is within you at this very moment, you just have to have the courage to pursue it.

Frequently remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and commit your life to something beyond yourself. Do you want to better society, provide for your family, create a new way of living, or do you want to simply be the best that you can be? Your why is powerful, hold onto with kung-fu grip and don’t let go.


Its not gonna happen unless you make it happen.

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Surround yourself with success and positivity

Now that you have cut out all those negative people and influences from your life and now that you have motivation calling you to get busy, start filling your time with empowering and uplifting tasks and activities. Start reading inspirational books, blogs, and magazine. Watch uplifting movies and television; get friends that encourage you to progress, surround yourself with other successful people, and find people that you can look up to and learn the principles of success from.

Someone once said you are a product of the 3 people that you spend the most time with, so be around people that uplift you, encourage you, and make you feel like the capable individual that you are. Always work towards your potential, continually watch the success of others, and inspire yourself daily with what is possible in your own life.


Plant your seeds of failure and harvest opportunities

Napoleon Hill told us that hidden within every failure is a seed of greater or equal opportunity; look at the things that have gone wrong in your life, extract the seeds of opportunity, and plant them in your own life. When something goes wrong figure out how to learn from it; when you fail figure out how to prevent failure next time; when life knocks you down, do a couple push ups and get back up. A big part of success is just continuing on when things get tough.


“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.”-Dale Carnegie


Rocky told us when life knocks you down you have to get back up, and it’s true. Success is just a matter of defying the odds and keeping up progress regardless of what is going on around you. Luck may play a role, odds may factor in, and life may throw a wrench in your plans sometimes, but success is progress towards success; even if you get knocked back keep going forward.

Figure out what success means to you, remove negativity, get motivated, surround yourself with positivity, and use setbacks as learning opportunities. Do all these things and you will be a success; even if you fall short of your perfect idea of success you won’t ever stop trying, because that is just the type of person that you are. The successful person is one getting closer to success, not the person criticizing others, not the person waiting idly by, but the one who has the courage to try.

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