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How to get a better body by pushing your comfort zone.

How to get a better body by pushing your comfort zone.

There is a general rule that gets thrown around by a lot of fitness people: get more active.  Sure, if you just want to become a little more healthy things like taking the stairs at work, going for a relaxing walk after work, or walking to the grocery store to get groceries will make you a little more healthy, but activities like these simply aren’t going to produce the kind of results you probably want.


There is a sickness slowly growing in our country, it is the sickness of comfort seeking.


People think that comfort is supposed to be present at all times, they seek the easy way, and they constantly strive to maintain difficulty at a maintainable level.  The thing is, if you want to walk around like an average slightly overweight middle aged father, then that’s probably fine, but if you want to see your abdominal muscles or have long toned legs, its probably going to take more than a gentle walk 3 nights per week.


Imagine a caveman chasing down his meal.


The caveman is muscular, conditioned, and lean out of necessity. The hunter has to be quick, agile, and strong in order to hunt down his prey.


If the caveman wants to eat at all, he is going to have to run as hard and as fast as he can to catch his meal.


You are the hunter, and if you want to look like a fitness model, or if you want to fight against your genetics to become a size 0 when everyone in your family is a size 4, then you are going to have to work as hard as you need to in order to make it happen.


Realize something right now: your comfort zone binds you to mediocrity. You can make very little progress while staying within the confines of your comfort.


That nice little walk after work might make your heart a little healthier or help you drop a few pounds, but it is never going to turn you into a bodybuilder or a bikini model.  Drastic results are going to require drastic measures, and it is highly important to remember that as you go throughout your fitness journey.


If you REALLY want to get fit, if you want to become a fitness enthusiast, at some point you are going to have to start pushing your comfort boundaries, that means running longer and harder, lifting heavier and more explosively, tightening down your diet more and more.


Sacrifice is not only enlightening, but the challenges you surmount while on your way to greater fitness will carry over into increased willpower, more happiness, and greater mental toughness.


The toughness you develop by taking control of your desired fitness level and pushing your comfort boundaries will carry over into all aspects of your life and turn you into a stronger person.


I talk about this all the time here on the blog: challenge and discomfort are the 100% sure signals that you are making personal growth.  Understand that changes to your body work exactly the same way.


It isn’t the first set of weight lifting- that feels easy- that makes you the most muscle growth, its the one you feel like skipping because you can barely stand up that really makes your muscles stronger.


It isn’t that warm up lap on the track that gets you in great shape, its that last 2 laps where your logs wobble out of control and you can barely finish.  Your fitness level is directly related to the power of your mind to withstand discomfort and push your physical limits.


Your increased fitness level lies on the other side of your discomfort.  And for all intensive purposes, you being uncomfortable is the perfect signal to tell you that you are making gains.

It doesn’t mean you should be sore for weeks after a weightlifting session, and it doesn’t mean you should throw up after every workout, but there is a point that you must push past in order to get the fitness gains that you want.


Understand that everything great in life comes with a required sacrifice to obtain, and if you are willing to give up what is required now, you can have what you want forever.  


If you want to get REALLY fit, get out of the mindset that you can do it the easy way.


Stop thinking that a little bit of effort is all it takes, be realistic and understand that there is no guaranteed workload to achieve success, you just have to do what is required to get it.

What do you think?  Are you pushing yourself to reach for fitness goals, or is there a disconnect?  Let us know your thoughts and opinions, leave a comment below or leave us a comment on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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