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How comparing yourself to others is stopping you from getting the body that you desire

How comparing yourself to others is stopping you from getting the body that you desire

The person that you keep comparing yourself to is not only destroying your self esteem, but it is preventing you from making positive changes in your own life.

This doesn’t just apply to health and fitness, it applies to a lot of different things in life, but perhaps the most obvious example of this statement’s truth lies in reference to one’s health and personal appearance.


We have all done it…

You pick up the magazine, take a look at some fitness model and think to yourself, “I wish I had a body like that.”, and for a short moment you get that little spark of motivation, you think “I am going to do it this time, I am going to stick to my diet and exercise program.”

and you do…for a few days.

Then reality starts to set in.  

You have been working hard for 3 days straight and you don’t see any difference in your body at all.  Who are you kidding right?  People with bodies like that aren’t like you, they have something special that you don’t have, you start to feel that there is really no hope that you will ever look like someone like that, and so you quit.

You quit until the next time you see someone that you compare yourself too and think “I wish I looked like that.”, and then the cycle continues again.


Your comparison of your body to the body of a fitness model is like comparing an apple to an orange…

They don’t look the way they do, because the fitness model was born with some special power or circumstance that you don’t have; you were born just like that person, and they weren’t born any differently than you, but the difference is what they MADE themselves into.

It’s not that you can’t look like that fitness model, it’s that you haven’t made yourself look that way yet.

Fitness models aren’t just born that way, they work VERY hard to get it, and if they ate the same foods you eat and exercised the same way you did, they would end up looking a lot like you. Not only that, but many of the fitness models you see in magazines and online go through special diet and exercise programs to make them appear VERY lean and defined. Many of them also get airbrushed, oiled, or even photo-shopped by professionals who understand how to manipulate things like lighting and camera angles to make them look even better than they already do in photographs.

So how can someone who can’t stick to a diet or commit to working out be compared to someone who lives and breathes fitness and nutrition?  Why should you compare yourself (a person with multiple life commitments, a lack of special photograph techniques, and far less willpower and discipline to make your body look like a fitness model)…why would you compare yourself to a professional who’s job is to maintain a body that looks great.

If you put in the kind of work that fitness professionals did you could look like them too…but unless you are willing to seriously devote your life to fitness then it isn’t likely you are going to end up looking that way.

Want to read one fitness professional’s take on getting super ripped like a bodybuilder/fitness model? Here is a great post on exactly this topic…these guys and girls just don’t walk around looking like they do in the magazines year round!

Fitness models still look great in the off season… but they certainly look a lot more like something you can attain. (Off season photo can be seen on the right)-Photo from

Start comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday, because it isn’t others that we are racing, it’s time that we fight against.

Each day that passes and you aren’t progressing is another day gone that will never come back.

If you choose to focus on your own improvement, rather than comparing yourself to everyone else, with enough time and effort, you can be one of them if you choose, but at least you will be better off than you were yesterday.

It isn’t for everyone, maybe you don’t have time and energy to workout twice a day and watch your diet like a eagle on the hunt, but you can certainly get to a healthy weight and eat better. There is nothing stopping you from having the best body that is possible for you.

If you aren’t doing the things you know you need to do, and if you aren’t willing to keep working hard and making sacrifices for many years, then you are never going to look like a girl or guy from a fitness magazine.


If you keep comparing yourself to others you will never be happy, because someone is always going to have more, be better, or look better than you, but if you start comparing yourself to who you were yesterday then you can always find joy in your progress.


Challenge yourself to work harder than the person you were yesterday, run a little further, cut out an extra snack of junk food, push one more rep out in the gym. The person you want to become doesn’t just happen after a week or two of hard work, that person you want to become is forged brick by brick over months, years, and decades…

The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday, and as long as you can look back and see improvement you should just learn to love yourself.  We shouldn’t strive for perfection, but simply for improvement, and through each daily improvement we can eventually get the body that we truly want.

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