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Helpful Habits- Daily Reading

Helpful Habits- Daily Reading

A daily commitment to reading can be one of the most transformational habits that one can engage in.  Of course, not all books are created equal, but no matter what you would like to improve in, there is surely a book or two out there for you.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, eat better, become more organized, learn to dance, or start your own business, the world of books offers you valuable information at every turn.  I truly believe that reading should be a staple daily activity for everyone, no matter what kind of life they are living.


When you decide to form the habit of reading you can gain several major benefits; you constantly learn new information, you expand your vocabulary, you expand your mind and challenge your beliefs, you increase your critical thinking and processing skills, you increase your focus power, and you can increase your memory.  The benefits of reading are endless, but there is still a most effective way of engaging in your daily reading.


When your main purpose is self improvement, the books that you select and read should pertain to your biggest priorities and goals.  For example: if you would like to become more assertive, select books on developing confidence, successfully interacting with others, and increasing your conflict resolution skills.  Reading books that specifically address these issues will give you a strong benefit as you move towards actually becoming more assertive.


You should also seek to find different books and rotate into new information each week or month.  We can still get benefit from reading fiction books, but I have found that reading non-fiction: learning books, biographies, and history books have been most beneficial.  When you choose to read books with a specific purpose, you can actually focus on and practice developing certain aspects of life that you may not otherwise pay attention to.


As your knowledge of different things increases, so does your consciousness.  Imagine being blind and having a chip implanted into your eyes that would allow you to see for the first time.  As you looked around you, you would see nothing but a mess of random objects that had little or no meaning to you.  Only through learning what things were would you begin to recognize different items and objects and associate their appearance to certain functions.  Reading is like that, the more you learn and figure out, the more you are able to identify times in the real world to practice your new skill.


Through reading relationship help books, I have not only increased my awareness of situations and learned to better resolve arguments that I inevitably enter into, but I have also learned to better deal with these issues, I have learned to better handle myself in these situations, and I have learned how to better AVOID some of these situations completely as my effectiveness has increased.

Commit to reading 2 books a month for 6 months to 1 year and you might find that you are amazed at how much you can learn.  If you want to start a business, buy marketing, business, and personal development books.  If you want to learn to be a better parent, but parenting books, self development books, and interpersonal communication books.  The possibilities are truly endless, and you can find highly valuable knowledge on anything you wish to improve.  Aim to read for 30 minutes up to 2 hours daily each day, and you be amazed at what will happen to your mind over time.

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