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How to perform the bent over row: the best upper and middle back exercise ever!

There is a simple compound exercise that is great at targeting pretty much every single muscle in your lower, middle, and upper back. The bent over row is a great exercise that works pretty much every muscle in your body. This lift is a must for upper body and back work and when combined with exercises like romanian deadlifts or squats it can really work your lower back and posterior chain.   The bent over row The bent over row should be ideally performed with your back parallel to the ground and your core held firmly in place throughout the motion. Bent over rows can begin either from the floor in front of you, or (for beginners) you can get into proper rowing position by slowly lowering yourself into position from the top down.   Proper form tips – Back should be straight and parallel with the ground – Weight should be slightly back and planted in the middle of your foot – Knees should be slightly bent and you should feel tension in your hamstrings -Lower abs should be held tight to help keep your back straight -You should be standing over the bar with the bar somewhere under your sternum area -You should allow your arms to fully extend and your lats to release, while keeping your rhomboids tight   After you get your body into the right position for your row, you are now ready to begin the exercise. The exercise is performed by contracting your rhomboids and trying to squeeze your shoulder blades together while you lift the bar off of the ground and up... read more

The top 6 mistakes people make when trying to lose weight

I know a lot of people struggle with losing weight and getting fit; and I also understand that there are some factors that we don’t control that can influence how easily we can change our weight. Things like age, gender, illness, food addictions and cravings, and even life commitments can make it more difficult for some people to lose weight. While some people may have to work harder than others to get fit and lose weight, there is no reason (except perhaps for some rare medical condition) that will actually stop you from losing weight. Committing to eating right, getting more active, and generally making better choices in your day to day life all will contribute to a healthier you. The obstacles in your way are no excuse for why you can’t do it, because each of us has our own unique problems and obstacles, but we are still capable of roughly the same results. Now that my disclaimer is done, let’s say that you have been trying to lose weight, but you haven’t been successful, or maybe you just want to lose a few pounds; this post is intended to identify some of the common mistakes I see people making day to day while trying to get healthier and lose weight. Learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t have to suffer through them!   Counting calories Counting calories might be the number one mistake I see people making when they are trying to lose weight. For many different reasons, counting calories to lose weight is a failed and ineffective way to lose weight, and while controlling... read more

Salt, Vinegar and Herb Roasted Potato Wedges

Fall has arrived in most parts of the country. That means cooler weather and turning the oven back on after its long summer vacation. Just like the grill is perfect for summertime veggie grilling, the oven is seriously awesome for creating crispy roasted vegetables of the season. One of my go-to’s is oven roasted potatoes. Today we are seasoning them to create a combination of salt and vinegar potato chips and sour cream and onion potato chips; except these are in the form of crispy and tender potato wedges. They make a terrific side dish for meat dishes like pot roast. Let’s get started.. Ingredients 6 russet poatoes, cleaned with skins left on chopped into 2 inch wedges 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp vinegar, I used apple cider vinegar 1/2 tsp dried thyme 1/2 tsp dried sage 2 tsp minced garlic 2 tbsp fresh chives, minced and separated in half 1 tsp sea salt Directions In a large mixing bowl, combine potato wedges, olive oil, vinegar, salt and all herbs except 1 tbsp of chives. Mix ingredients well to coat potatoes. Heat oven to 400. While oven heats, allow potatoes to soak in ingredients. About 10 minutes When oven is heated, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place potatoes on sheet with a little room in between each. Cook potatoes for 30 minutes. Carefully move potatoes around using a wooden spatula. Turn oven to broil for 5-7 minutes. Remove potatoes from oven and serve garnished with remaining... read more

10 goals that will help you stick with your plans to get fit

Everyone knows that eating better and getting more active will help you lose weight and get healthier, but what very few people know is that there are a lot of little actions that you can take that will make these two things easier. Telling an obese 300lb man to diet and exercise is a lot like telling a fish not breathe water, 1 it doesn’t make any sense to the person you are telling it to, and 2, it they have no clue how to do these things. I am not going to cover what to eat in this post, but here is a great post if that is what you are looking for. Today I want to cover goals and interventions that you can place into your life that will enable you, and make you more likely to actually stick with diet and exercise. I have found that most of the people I work with already know what foods that they should and shouldn’t eat, and most of them already know they should lift weights, do cardio, or get more active, and even if they don’t, they can hire a personal trainer or ask a friend about what to eat.  What most people I work with really need is a plan.   What the hell am I talking about?  Is this some sort of secret underground cult brainwashing technique to lose weight and get healthy? Well, no, not exactly, but it is about the little things that you can do underneath the obvious to fix what is broken. See, telling someone who is 300lbs to eat healthy and... read more

Boost your brain power with these 10 super foods.

Brain power is one of the most important powers that we have, after all, our brain pretty much determines everything. Our brain decides what we do, how effective we are, and if our bodies are going to continue to function or not on a daily basis, so shouldn’t we aim to be good to our brains? If you are looking to spoil your brain and treat it right, try this list of the top 10 brain boosting foods and aim to make these foods a part of your everyday routine!   Coffee Coffee might be one the most healthy foods in the American diet, and despite some claims (outdated claims) that coffee and caffeine are bad for you, almost all the new studies are showing the same thing: that coffee decreases the risk of diseases. The caffeine in coffee boosts your brain’s effectiveness, while the high amount of antioxidants promotes brain health and a circulation boost. Don’t skip the coffee today, your brain will thank you later!   Green Tea Green tea features many of the same benefits as coffee, just with a lower caffeine content when compared to coffee. Green tea can speed the metabolism, increase circulation, and increase mental alertness. Green tea is also packed with powerful antioxidants that slow down aging and help promote brain health.   Chocolate Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, it helps increase circulation, it helps prevent cognitive decline, and lets face it, it tastes awesome! Buy your dark chocolate at a minimum of 70% dark, with the higher the percentages being the best for you. Chocolate is a super healthy treat,... read more

Everything that you wanted to know about creatine.

Creatine is a popular supplement touted by bodybuilders, athletes, crossfitters, and fitness enthusiasts everywhere, but while a lot of people have heard about creatine, and may even take creatine, most people have some basic questions about creatine that I will try to answer in this short article. By the time you finish reading this article, you will have a basic understanding of what creatine is, if it is safe for you, what the benefits are, how it works and how to take it, and what type of creatine works best.   What is creatine? Creatine is essentially a precursor to ATP (the first source of energy for the muscle cell). It is made up naturally of amino acids that you get from the foods that you eat everyday. Creatine is also found in low doses in the meat that you eat.   Is it safe? Since creatine is a naturally occurring substance found in your body and is also found in the food that you eat, it considered very safe. Doses of up to 10 grams daily have been studied over the course of an entire year, yet have still been shown to produce no negative effects over this time. Creatine is heavily used by athletes-professional and amature- and has been used for decades by all different types of people, so it is generally considered a very safe supplement when taken as directed.   What are the benefits? Creatine has many potential benefits, some are well studied; others are new discoveries. Some of the more well studied and confirmed benefits include: better recovery from exercise, increased muscle mass, increased... read more

Why successful people take care of their health.

When you look at most successful people, it is easy to see that they are different from the vast majority. They walk differently, talk differently, interact with others differently. It is easy to see right away when we interact with the rich and famous that they are different from the rest, but they weren’t always that way. The greatest among us were once just like you and I; it was only through deliberate effort, through careful development and cultivation of certain habits, routines, and characteristics that these people became who they are today. Today, I want to focus on one particular set of traits and habits that helps many of the most successful among us to deal with stress, feel better, and become more effective in their day to day lives. Many of the world’s most successful people know how important their health and taking care of their health is, they realize that life is a precious gift, and that only in good health, are we free to truly enjoy life and all of its blessings. If you are in bad health, you likely won’t be able to think about anything else. Constant pain, sickness, and other health problems are enough to overwhelm even the strongest among us. When you take a look around at the successful people in your own life, you will likely see them engaged in some of the very same habits as the most successful people that you can imagine; these people exercise frequently and they tend to watch what they eat: that doesn’t mean they only eat broccoli and they run a marathon everyday-... read more

Black Bean, Quinoa and Chickpea Tabouli

  Tabouli is a a traditional salad which originates in Arabian and Mediterranean cultures. It is made up of bulgar, mint, parsley, chopped tomatoes and cucumbers with a light lemony vinaigrette dressing. Nowadays , with the popularity of food blogs and Pinterest, you will find unique spins on this classic salad. What I love most about the salad we are making today is that it is high in plant based protein. We are adding two types of beans and using quinoa instead of bulgar. Quinoa is a complete source of protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. The use of fresh herbs and vegetables also add great nutrients and antioxidants. This salad would pair wonderfully with grilled steak, fish and chicken entrees.   INGREDIENTS 1 c quinoa, dry 1 can black beans, drained 1 can chickpeas, drained 2 roma tomatoes, finely chopped 1/2 c red onion, finely chopped 1 large handful of parsley, finely chopped 4 large mint leaves, finely chopped 4 kale leaves, stems removed, finely chopped juice of 1 lemon 1/2 c olive oil sea salt and black pepper to taste DIRECTIONS Cook quinoa according to package and allow to cool in refrigerator In a large mixing bowl, combine olive oil and lemon juice. Whisk well. Combine kale, parsley and mint with olive oil and lemon mixture and toss to coat. This helps to tenderize the kale and meld the flavors while you prepare the other ingredients. Add tomatoes, onion, chickpeas and black beans to mixture. Stir. Add chilled quinoa and season liberally with salt and pepper. Stir and chill until serving. Yields 6, 1... read more

How to use a dream board to achieve your fitness goals.

Do you ever wish you could see your dream, that you could feel it before you and imagine exactly what it feels like to achieve it? A dream board can be an excellent way to find motivation and inspiration as you pursue a goal or dream throughout your days. Dream boards are like little collages of things that inspire you, it can be full of quotes or pictures, they can be from magazines, printed off of the computer, or it can be filled with clippings of posters and books. A dream board is simply a collection of things that inspire you to follow your dream, or show you what the results of your hard work might look like. Vision boards can have quotes or pictures of your hero’s, picture of things you want, or pictures of how you want your life to look, but the bottom line is that you want your vision board to be full of things that inspires you, so that you can spend just a few moments looking at it and be ready to go out and conquer the day.   How to make a dream board to motivate your fitness goals A fitness dream board should include pictures of athletes or celebrities that you aspire to look like, so get pictures of people with great bodies that you aspire to achieve, add in pictures of the healthy foods that you will have to eat frequently and learn to enjoy in order to look like them. You can include quotes from other people about fitness, or just motivational quotes in general to remind you of... read more

Why I eat a diet low in carbs.

I have tried a lot of different diets and the one I like most is a balanced one… That being said, the nutrition world’s idea of balance is often a little crazy, take for example the food pyramid recommendation that people get 6-12 serving of grains per day, seriously? 6-12 servings? Who really needs to eat 3-6 cups of oatmeal per day, and how much room will that really leave you to eat foods like vegetables? The health and nutrition medical community is often lagging far behind the cutting edge of nutrition and diet studies, and with good reason.  Imagine the amount of effort and commitment it takes for a community to adopt an idea like “the heart healthy diet”. It takes years to write new textbooks, educate new teachers, educate new students, and spread the knowledge to people interested in nutrition, but one or two well performed studies can cast doubt on everything that people have bought into for years. It takes a LONG time to educate enough people to accept a belief, and by the time people have accepted it, science has probably already discovered some new reason why that idea was wrong; so the divide of experts and research in the nutrition world is understandable.   This is not a scientific expose, it is simply my experience and what I have seen from using a low carb diet, and from what others have reported to me while using low carb diets. Consider first, that if you ask 100 “experts” in nutrition what they eat, what they believe, or what type of diet is the best for... read more



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