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7 ways to hit your goals faster

If you are a stranger the benefits of setting goals, and you don’t already use SMART goals to help you achieve more in life and get more done, then you can start by reading the first two links in this article; if however, you already are convinced of the importance of goal setting and you just want to figure out how to make your dreams come true sooner, then you have come to the right place. Some goals are meant to be lofty and large: long-term or process goals are meant to serve as guide-stones that direct your entire life’s work; some of these goals will actually will be achieved, but some of them are just there to give you more direction and inspiration to try new things and improve. For example: setting a goal to receive a prestigious award marking you as one of the greatest minds of the 21st century may be too large to achieve (it isn’t impossible it will just be very difficult), but if you ensure that your actions each day are aimed at making that dream a reality, then you will be sure to do a lot of great things along the way. So how do you make your goals come to you faster, how do you ensure that your actions are making the very most of each moment, and how can you create a plan that will lead you to the promised land in the minimum amount of time?   1. Increase your self confidence Every action can only be performed maximally with belief behind it; if you don’t really believe that something... read more

How to make yourself into a morning person

Morning people are so cheery on Monday morning that it can almost make you sick, but you don’t have to hit the snooze button on these people; you can learn a lot from those special people that face each new day with vigor. What makes morning people become morning people, and what makes you so different anyway? Morning people usually aren’t born that way, they are bred; morning people just live their lives a certain way that promotes them functioning better and more optimally in the AM. There are some benefits to being a morning person including: your body is made for mornings and waking up early with the sunrise helps your body stay in sync with its natural sleep cycle, you get a head start on the day to get more things done, and generally waking up early and feeling good will cause you to feel more productive and excited about the day. So want to hop out of bed each day, get stuff done, move with grace, and be one of those fabled morning people? You can do it too if you follow this step by step article on how to become a morning person, and it might take a little bit of work, but you too can be one of the chosen few.   It’s funny, most people chalk up success to luck of the draw, but most people have never taken the time to sweat a little bit to get something. Hard work pays off with luck in the long haul, so which game are you playing? The lotto, or are you building an empire... read more

How to turn bad habits into powerful opportunities for personal growth

I know what you are thinking… “How could spending 4 hours per day surfing random videos on Youtube and checking Facebook possibly be a good thing? Not your problem, ok, let me try again… “How could buying a gym membership but only going once in 6 months; or promising to eat better but then going on a junk food binge after only 2 days of dieting: how could these things be good things?” Alright, if I still haven’t gotten you yet, I think this one will… “How could the fact that I never do that thing… (yeah you know THAT thing), that thing that you always say you should do, will do, could do, but never actually do…how could that possibly be a good thing?” Well you are in luck, because the fact that you realize you have a bad habit that needs to change is a step in the right direction. Even more so, it means that you fit in with 100% of other human beings in the world, because just like everyone else on the planet, you aren’t perfect!   I know I am certainly not perfect Despite devoting the past year and half to becoming better, learning new skills, becoming more fit and productive, I still have room for improvement. Just understand this fact right now…you will never be perfect, you will never achieve your full potential, and you will never reach some magical moment where you turn from a worm into a butterfly and fly away- off into the sunset. That being said, bad habits aren’t really all that bad as long as you identify... read more

How to stay motivated when you are self employed

Working for yourself can be a challenge; many of us dream of the day when we can tell our boss to shove it, buy a plane ticket, set up an internet beach on an island somewhere, and spend the rest of our days with a special blend of surfing, lounging, and just a little bit of working; however, there are several major problems with this type of thinking. Most of us have been hard wired through years of shift work, and by being an employee, to do the minimum level of work until the boss tells us to do something more. Most of us are used to doing a set amount of work and wasting the rest of our day gossiping with co-workers or surfing facebook, but for the self employed person, this type of behavior can spell disaster. A lack of focus, a dependency on the “boss” to tell you what to do, the lack of immediate rewards for your work, and a failure to realize the benefits of self employment can all dampen your enthusiasm and kill your motivation to work for yourself; that is why I put together this simple to follow 5 step how to guide for “How to stay motivated when you work for yourself”, and once you go through the steps, you’ll be working up a storm in no time at all.   Create a clear plan of what you want to accomplish The first step in maintaining your motivation to work for yourself is to create a clear and detailed plan covering what you hope to accomplish, what you need to get... read more

25 quotes about money and finances that could make you a millionaire

The art is not in making money, but in keeping it. -Proverb Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship. -Benjamin Franklin Americans spend all or most of their income on things that have little or no lasting value! -Thomas Stanley A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart. –Jonathan Swift An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. –Benjamin Franklin I will tell you the secret to getting rich on Wall Street. You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy. –Warren Buffett Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery. –Charles Dickens What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us. –Julia Cameron Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. –Ayn Rand Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this. –Dave Ramsey How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. –Robert G. Allen Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save... read more

How to fight your daily distractions and increase your effectiveness.

Distractions come and go, but it seems like they spend a lot more time coming than going, especially when you know there is something that you need to be doing. It seems like the more important the task you should be doing, the stronger the urge to melt into self indulgence and instant gratification comes at you. Have no fear, because I too wrestle with distraction. Things like Facebook, internet surfing, and endlessly checking emails all bog me down from time to time. I know that you may be reading this article even now, knowing, that you really should be do something else, so I will skip straight to the chase. Here is a quick list that you can use to break up your distractions and hopefully get back on the path to success sooner than later.   Unplug from your routine. Routines are great, and in a lot of ways they can make us more productive, but anytime it becomes too routine, too easy, or too predictable, it will often stop challenging us to grow or do anything productive at all. People are driven by challenge, by attempting to rise to the occasion and while getting into the rhythm of things can help you establish effective work and life habits, it can also be a recipe for complacency and disaster. Take a few moments to consider your daily routine, think about what ways you can break up your routine to create that nice new feeling. Maybe try experimenting with a different daily schedule, try taking your extra work to starbucks instead of to your home, try going outdoors... read more

10 goals that will help you stick with your plans to get fit

Everyone knows that eating better and getting more active will help you lose weight and get healthier, but what very few people know is that there are a lot of little actions that you can take that will make these two things easier. Telling an obese 300lb man to diet and exercise is a lot like telling a fish not breathe water, 1 it doesn’t make any sense to the person you are telling it to, and 2, it they have no clue how to do these things. I am not going to cover what to eat in this post, but here is a great post if that is what you are looking for. Today I want to cover goals and interventions that you can place into your life that will enable you, and make you more likely to actually stick with diet and exercise. I have found that most of the people I work with already know what foods that they should and shouldn’t eat, and most of them already know they should lift weights, do cardio, or get more active, and even if they don’t, they can hire a personal trainer or ask a friend about what to eat.  What most people I work with really need is a plan.   What the hell am I talking about?  Is this some sort of secret underground cult brainwashing technique to lose weight and get healthy? Well, no, not exactly, but it is about the little things that you can do underneath the obvious to fix what is broken. See, telling someone who is 300lbs to eat healthy and... read more

10 ways to start your morning off right

Starting off your morning right can make or break your entire day, getting out of bed and getting something productive done right away is a sure fire way to carry momentum over into a day that gets a lot done and that you can feel good about.  Most of the ways that I know how to influence your day all assume that you start off your day right, so making the right first moves in your day is totally crucial to the productivity and outcome of your entire day. Want to get more done at 5pm? Start the day right. Want to get more done at 1 pm? Start the day right. Want to be more positive, motivated, energetic, and determined? Start the day off right!   Workout  There is a reason that working out is one the secrets of productive people. There are numerous benefits to working out, and one of the major ones is that a workout, especially first thing in the morning, sets up the momentum and the energy to tackle the entire day. Want to read more about why you should make exercise part of your morning routine? Check out this article   Read an inspiring book Ever tried reading something inspirational first thing in the morning? It will PUMP you up. Ok, but seriously, reading something that speaks to you and helps stokes the embers of passion inside of you will definitely get you out of bed and into getting things done. Try reading something by the greats like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, or Napoleon Hill. Even biographies can be a great source of... read more

Value directions Vs. goals: why your values matter more than your goals

Have you ever worked hard for something for a long time, eventually succeeded, and yet still felt empty with your accomplishment? You and many other people have experienced this exact same phenomenon. Setting goals and working hard to achieve them motivates us, keeps us focused, and can even provide happiness and meaning as we strive to achieve our goals, and yet, many times after achieving a goal we are left with nothing but the emptiness of a job well done. Much like the olympic gold medalist stands on the podium smiling and waving to their fans all the while thinking to themselves “What now?”, many of us stand where we are today and despite reaching our past ideas of success, we too ask ourselves, “What now?”   Goals VS Value directions. A goal is a concrete and measurable thing that we want to achieve at some point in the future. Goals have an endpoint, they have systematic steps to completion, and they make take many years or just a matter of days to accomplish. A goal is pass or fail and win or lose. A value direction is an underlying belief about where you want to go as a human being in your life. Value directions do not have an endpoint, they are subjective and hard to measure (except over long periods of time). Value directions have no endpoint, no date of completion, no moment of perfection. A value direction is only measured against yesterday, and there is no pass or fail. Where a goal is a set point in time, a value direction is a lifelong commitment to... read more

Overwhelm: how to beat procrastination by creating your own internal pressure

Can you feel the impending deadlines slowly lulling you to sleep, slowly tightening around you like a trap? You know you really should be working on getting your big task done, but it just seems so large: its deadline so far away.   Far off deadlines tell us one major thing: it says “This project is going to be BIG.”, and the bigger and more challenging the task we perceive to be, the more we are going to be challenged to get started in the first place.   Far off deadlines create procrastination for 2 major reasons… First, far off deadlines tell us that this project is big, and big projects are intimidating. When we are told we have weeks or even months to complete something, our urgency to get something done is virtually eliminated, while the perceived complexity of the task skyrockets in our mind. Second, far off deadlines greatly increase our chances of waiting until it is too late to get everything done. When you are given large amounts of time to get something done, it becomes much easier to say to yourself “Self, we still have 3 weeks to get this project done, lets do something else today, and we will start working on this project ______.”- insert tomorrow, next week, in two days, etc…   We have all done it before. You know that feeling, there was some test, project, or that exam you had weeks to work on, yet you end up pulling an all nighter and drinking an entire pot of coffee just to stay up and get it done. You probably told... read more



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